Scared, with cramps in Mexico

Scared, with cramps in Mexico

Postby aletina » Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:46 am

I started cramping almost three weeks ago and my doctor sent me to bed. I could not believe the lack of communication I experienced from her, so I looked for another DR. I think I was lucky to find a doctor in Mexico (we are living in a very small city) that actually was proactive and right away told me what was happening. The U/S showed the gestational (amniotic) sac was de-attaching from the Uterus wall, although the baby was looking very healthy, nice size and great heartbeat. I am 10 weeks along, he prescribed Progesterone in very high doses last week to stop the cramping and the spotting. The cramping went away three days ago, and it came back last night. I am again in pain and still on the high dose of Progesterone.
I am so scared and feel so frustrated! I am in a lot of pain and I fear my baby is dying. I read the stories on the board and some feel me with hope and others with dread.
Can someone tell me what are normal doses of progesterone and what are permisible high doses? Does all the cramping mean imminent M/C? I really could use some help down here, far away from home.
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