Progestrone level dropped; HCG not doubling

Progestrone level dropped; HCG not doubling

Postby Jakeswife » Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:14 pm

On CD 16 (March 26) I ovulated

March 29- 4 dpo P4 was 53

14 dpo (April 8) + HPT
15 dpo (April 9) beta 81, P4 147 (super high)

April 15 beta 101, P4 dropped to 25

The doctors office tells me I WILL miscarry, but I have only had 1 day of brown spotting/discharge. My cervix is still high soft and closed. I am NOT cramping, I am not bleeding. The nurse tells me this is because my P4 is not 0 yet. According to my calculations I was loosing 21 points a day.

My BBT is still SUPER HIGH--98.9, which if my P4 is only 25 seems a little high...wouldn't it drop if my progesterone is dropping?

My qualitative HCG was still + today.

The doctors office won't do an ultrasound, and said we will base need of D&C off of the blood work I have on Saturday.

Any ideas? Success stories? Hope? HELP...
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