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Postby ritu1234 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:35 pm

My pregnancy test came positive Feb 6, 2014. My LMP was Dec 15, 2013. However, I had a negative pregnancy test Jan 15, 2014.
I went in for my first ultrasound Feb 17, 2014 and the Dr. said according to your LMP your baby should be 9 weeks pregnant and on ultrasound there was no heart beat or no fetal pole appeared. He said I am having a miscarriage. I have no symptoms of cramps bleeding or pain. He wants to do a D&C but I am waiting it out for few weeks bc there are no symptoms. Also, how can I be 9 weeks pregnant if on Jan 15, 2014 my pregnancy test was coming negative. My test only came positive Feb 6, 2014. My husband and I believe I am only 3-4 weeks pregnant at most. Does anyone have any insight as to what may have occurred or advice on what should be done?
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