Blighted Ovum Waiting to miscarry MEDICATED MISCARRIAGESTORY

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Blighted Ovum Waiting to miscarry MEDICATED MISCARRIAGESTORY

Postby MommaQB » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:32 pm

So, I have read many stories and was really hoping to get to put my story on the misdiagnosed page. But here I am waiting to miscarry my blighted ovum.

I am here to tell my story as it is so far just in case there's someone else who can relate so they know they aren't alone.
On March first I found out I was pregnant (so very excited). March 9th (per my LMP I was 5 wks 6 days) I went in for my confirmation appt and my HCG was 1647. April 2nd- 9wks 2 days- went in for a dating ultrasound to find that there was nothing but a sac. My sac was measuring 6 wks 1 day, no yolk and no fetal pole. I was told to prepare for miscarriage. My doctor told me that it sounded like my body was registering what is going on already because almost all my minimal symptoms were gone. My boobs weren't even really sore anymore. April 8th I was referred to a different OBGYN for follow up with an ultrasound in her office. She didn't see much different and wanted to get another HCG level back. She called me 4/9 and asked for me to come back in for a scan with her tech rather than her because my numbers came in at 17, 717. I went in for the scan that day... and still nothing. I was told that the sac was already calcifying and nothing was visible in it. She told me that it didn't look like my cervix was dialating and that she thought it would be best to go for medicine or a D&C. She gave me the option to wait out another 3 wks if I wanted to try it naturally. This last week (just one week) has killed me. I haven't had any cramping or spotting or nothing. I will be taking a vaginal pill this weekend (so nearly 2 wks that I waited since I found out). I am so nervous because I have read and been told that it is very painful. I opted to try this first because of the cost and risk with a D&C. My doctor told me that with a retroverted uterus I was at a slightly higher risk of complications. The medication route will cost me about $10 and the procedure would have been thousands.

I will try to come back and leave an update as to how the process was for me.
I hope everone else is doing well and I wish you all the best of luck!

My updated story--- This is graphic and I warn you now.
I took 4 pills vaginally on Sunday at midnight. When I woke up Sunday morning, 6:30 am, nothing had started. No cramping and no spotting. 7:30 am bleeding started (not spotting but straight into blood clots and bleeding). I found my self on the toilet every 15-20 minutes because I felt that the pads were acting as a cork or block for the blood and 'stuff' to discharge from my body. On the toilet the blood and clots would just run for a moment and I could clean up and go back to sitting. I did this for a few hours. I am glad to say my husband was so tentative because I began to get light headed. I yelled for him and he came to my side as my vision goes all funny, my hearing like water running and I began throwing up. I passed out for seconds at a time about 5 times before he felt it was beyond his ability to be helping me. At that point he and my dr agreed that I needed to go to the ER. 4:30 pm we arrived at the ER to be taken to a bed immediately because I began to pass out on the triage nurse.
Come to find out, I was light headed and passing out because my blood pressure was down at 85 and I had lost way too much blood. I coded once in the ER but once stabilized and filled with fluid and antibiotics my Dr. came in and did an emergency D&C. I am now 3 days post surgery and trying to recover. The procedure went well and I have had very little spotting, barely enough for a liner, and no cramping. I feel that I am having the most trouble because of the amount of blood loss. I will be missing a total of 5 days of work just to make sure that I am well enough to make the drive to work and last a full 8 hours.

I tell my story, not to scare anyone, just so someone else doesn't feel alone. My doctor was great and told me of all the side effects and what to watch for. She advised me that the pills work for 75-80% of women, I was just in the 20-25% it didn't work for.
For women that choose to try the pills- my advice for you- 100% do NOT take the pills if you are going to be alone. Someone just checking on you every hour won't do. If I hadn't had someone with me every moment I could of been really hurt (or worse). Drink a LOT of water to try to stay hydrated.
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Blighted Ovum- Waiting to miscarry MEDICATED MISCARRIAGE STO

Postby Kay » Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:47 pm

I am so sorry for your loss but so glad you shared your story. We've had a number of women here have very scary experiences with a medicated miscarriage. Honestly, I really believe a D&C is a much safer way to go and I'm not even a big fan of those. Too many women have shared stories of passing out and I remember one hit her head. I've also had women tell me that they've had natural and medicated miscarriages and the medicated miscarriage exponentially increased the pain and bleeding. I'm so glad your husband was there for you. (((Hugs)))
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