Blighted Ovum - Story and Timeline for Miscarriage

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Blighted Ovum - Story and Timeline for Miscarriage

Postby kbk0909 » Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:40 pm

I used these boards so much while I was waiting to miscarry, and found so much comfort in hearing other people’s stories; I thought it only fair to share my story for others to read. I’ll try and be succinct and to the point…although, the story spans 6 weeks from start to finish.

I got my first BFP June 13 – it was faint, but it was there. I kept taking tests everyday that week just to be sure…didn’t even tell my husband until the 16th when I was sure my eyes were not deceiving me – the double line was a definite!

On June 28, when I was 6 weeks pregnant (based on my LMP), I went for my first sonogram. Sonographer said she saw a sac, but no baby – she said I seemed more like 4 weeks pregnant rather than 6. She encouraged me not to worry, because my dates might be off. I do have a longer cycle (32-33 days usually), but it all seemed crazy to me and obviously not what you want to hear on your first appt. She told me to make another appt for two weeks later and get my blood drawn that day. Blood results came back at 1100…normal for someone between 5 and 6 weeks pregnant….so I tried not to worry.

On July 11, I started to get some cramps…but everything I was reading said this was normal; the baby was making space. All my other symptoms were still there – tired, sore breasts, food aversions, etc. No nausea.

July 12, the day I was meant to go back for the 2nd sono – I was crazy nervous. Oddly, I woke up that morning, lying on my stomach--Something I had been unable to do for weeks because of sore breasts – I had been reading, so I instantly got a bad feeling about that. Anyway, I went in for the sono and the results were not good – still a sac, but no baby to be seen. Sonographer was honest and told me he was not optimistic and I would most likely miscarry. That night I saw my first hint of brown when I wiped.

Regular spotting started two days later, and I went back to the Dr. on July 15. They did another sono – saw no changes – and told me to come back in 7-10 days. They were optimistic that my body was going to work everything out on its own, mainly because the sac had not grown past 6.5 weeks. I was happy to hear that as the idea of a D&C made me very nervous for some reason. So I went home, and the waiting began.

I continued to spot until July 20 when the pink blood began; I thought for sure things were kicking in. However, the cramps weren’t too bad and the bleeding was not too heavy. I went back to the Dr for my schedule appt. on July 25 – the sac was still there and the sonographer said it was time to talk with the Dr about my options for moving the process along.

The Dr was very nice – asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted this to happen naturally, that I feared D&C - but at the same time, it seemed to be taking forever. We agreed that I would wait one more week, and if nothing happened, I would take misoprostol. She warned me that the cramps would be intense, so she prescribed percoset to go along with the misoprostol.
July 26, the day after I got my prescription for the pill, the bleeding picked up and I noticed some clots which actually made me happy – I was happy that I might actually be kicking into high gear! (I had read some horror stories about those pills….and I was scared to use them.)

I went to be the night of the 26th feeling ok, but a little crampier than I had to that point ( I get cramps regularly, so none of this was shocking to me). At 2am, I woke with intense cramps. Went to the bathroom and it was obvious that Mother Nature had finally kicked into high gear; I say that because I had wondered how I would know. And the answer is, you’ll know! (Some people compare to a heavy period – for me, it was heavier than the heaviest period I can remember….and the cramps were way worse!) Luckily I had filled my percoset scrip and I started in on those – which certainly helped, but the pain of the cramping was not gone by any means. I spent the next 3-4 hours awake, going in and out of the bathroom, checking my pads to be sure the blood wasn’t too much (I was following the ‘get nervous if you go through more than one pad an hour’ rule). Around 5am, I passed some tissue (to this point it had been clots – this tissue looked different than clots, it was grayish and it moved in the water) and I thought it was sac. My cramps lightened up (or the percoset kicked in!), and I was able to crawl back into bed and relax a little bit.

I continued to bleed that day (Wednesday), taking percoset and sleeping on and off. My husband stayed home with me just to be sure I was OK – I was unsure how much blood I would continue to lose and it was a great comfort knowing he was there. Wednesday night, I woke again with terrible cramps around 2:30am – was up until around 4. Nothing major passed, just some heavy blood and terrible cramps.

Thursday, I stayed home from work and rested. Continued to bleed pretty heavy. That night, I passed more tissue (on the toilet paper when I wiped) that I figured must have been a piece of the sac. All in all, I was feeling better.

Friday, I woke up and considered going to work. I was feeling better but realized there was not much to be done at work, so I decided to stay home. This ended up being the right decision. Around 2pm that day, I went to the bathroom and felt something slip out and plop into the toilet. The noise freaked me out – what so dense could have come out of me!?!?! Not to mention, I thought the sac had already passed. I stood up to investigate, and sure enough, there was a grayish mass at the bottom of the toilet – it was a little smaller than my thumb. I felt a little light headed and headed to the couch, hoping that FINALLY this was over. And I’m happy to report, it pretty much was. The bleeding tapered down significantly.

By August 4th, I had stopped bleeding and went back to the Dr. Sonographer confirmed that my uterus was empty and I would not need a D&C. They took my blood levels which were 30 (that was one full week after passing the grayish mass), and I was told to go back in two weeks just to be sure that my levels had bottomed out.

All in all it took about 4 weeks for the miscarriage to complete. It was a long time to wait, but I’m happy that it happened how it did and if I miscarry again, I think I would make the same decision over.
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