PCOS, Clotting Disorder, & 2 M/C

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PCOS, Clotting Disorder, & 2 M/C

Postby jnhillard » Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:59 am

Hi ladies, I am so ready for this emotional roller coaster to be over. I was diagnosed with PCOS August 2010. I was lead to be diagnosed after a long cycle and many BFN. This visit with Dr. brought up the fact that when I get pregnant I will have to be on lovenox because of clot when on NuvaRiing. I accepted this fact, though I wasn't too happy :-(. Immediately my husband and I started actively TTC with OPKs (had been using them to not get pregnant) and BBT.

We got our first positive November 13, 2010. All tests were very faint. I was experiencing cramping so the Drs feared ectopic. A u/s showed no baby anywhere. Blood work wasn't looking hot either, hcg and progesterone were very low. I was started on lovenox, and 100mg prometrium 4x a day. November 19 I got news that I would soon be miscarrying, numbers had dropped. The 22nd I started bleeding and on Thanksgiving I passed a tissue I believe was the baby. I was told to wait one cycle before ttc, but did have unprotected sex 2 or 3 times.

I was not temping, until I believed I felt like AF was gonna start up. This is when I noticed temps were high like when pregnant. I was highly emotional over losing our first baby. When on Christmas I put two and two together and decided to take a pregnancy test. My husband and I were over joyed! Yet so scared. Immediately I started lovenox, and got blood work done. hcg was AMAZING, and progesterone was a little low. So I started prometrium 100mg 4x a day. I took it every 6 hours to make sure I could keep it flowing steadily through my body. On January 6, 2011 we got to see the little bean, measuring 5 weeks 6 days. Yet, there wasn't a heart beat. I stayed hopeful and prayed with all my heart. I began experiencing cramping but stayed hopeful. I had another u/s 1/12...the baby hadn't grown. Yet my heart wasn't ready to accept another miscarriage. On the 1/13 I passed clots that made me stop taking the prometrium and lovenox. I knew I was going to lose the baby. Yet spotting and cramping continued. I was prescribed cytotec 1/20 after seeing on an u/s that the baby hadn't grown and was starting to deteriorate. :*( I took the horrid medicine vaginally on 1/22 and experienced the worst cramps of my life. I thought it didn't work because flow didn't increase, so I had to repeat the pills by mouth the next day. On 24th it showed that levels did drop. 25th I passed the sack. 26th it dropped even more. From there I went once a week. And finally on 2/5 I was confirmed to be no longer pregnant.

NOW I get to go do more testing to figure out which clotting disorder I have. And wait for two cycles to pass so we can try again. Struggling at times with the fact that I have PCOS and a clotting disorder. Feels like the world is against me, even though I know God is with me.
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