My Miscarriage Story!!!!!!

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My Miscarriage Story!!!!!!

Postby marci16_daniel192008 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:52 am

On March, 25, 2010 I found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time. So i made a doctors appointment on April, 21, 2010 for the first ultrasound and prenatal care. I thought everything would be ok and the baby will be fine. Once i layed down on the table and begin the ultrasound i could tell something was wrong( just by her facial expression). She had gotten another woman to come in and see if she was seeing the same thing she was. And she was seeing the same. They wouldn't tell what was going on. So next thing i know, Dr Asconie came into my room and told me it was a Molar Pregnancy ( Which is a tumor that can turn cancerous). So they sent me to Lexington the next day (April 22, 2010). So me and Mom, and Daniel packed our bags, thinking im going to have surgery. My appointment was at 10:30, so we left the house around 6:30 and picked up my aunt Tracie and her Husband Brian, they had to drive us down/up there. We finally made it after 3 hours of driving. The nurses called me back and told me to go and undress and they would do a vaginal ultrasound. Dr. Berry Campbell came in as the ultrasound was going on and he had told us he doesnt see why they thought it was a molar pregnancy, that he seen the embreyo and it had messured up to 6 weeks. So they sent me home and told me to come back with in a week or so and they would repeat everything they had just done. So May, 3, 2010 came around and i had went back to the same place. They repeated the same thing as last week and then the bad news came. He told me there was no change in the baby's growth and No heart beat & on top of that the sac was collapsing. I cried and cried and refused the D&C for the next day and went home. Dr. Berry Campbell understood but he told me not to wait any longer than 2 weeks to have the D&C done because if i begin to bleed heaviely i would possibly have to go threw major surgery to get it to stop. Well about a week and 2 days rolled around, and it was time to go back to lexington once again for the last time (Or i thought). May 11, 2010 came and i got up to bath and get ready, but the next thing i knew, I was bleeding. The miscariage had begun. I was scared, I didnt even blow dry my hair. I told mom that i was bleeding, and the next thing i know we are leaving to be safe things dont get worse. Mom called Dr. Campbells office and told them we would be there before the appointment time, that i was bleeding and we was concerned. 2 hours of driving had gone by and we was there. All 3 of us walked in and they took me on back to do another vaginal ultrasound. She begin the ultrasound and once i seen the sac i knew i was miscarring. It was odd shaped and shrinking. I asked the girl if i could have a print out for my keep sake. So they sent me out and scheduled the D&C for the following morning. but first they sent me to the Saint Josph East Hospital for a P.A.S.S Appointment. That appointment gets the hospital to pay for a hotel room. after 1 hour of that we went straight to the hotel for some rest. We rested for a while and then we all got hungry. We all went to McDonalds and got a bite to eat. And then went to wal-mart to get a few things to snack on. Didnt get much since i couldnt eat or drink anything after 12:00 clock (which sucked). we all fell asleep and the next thing i know is its 6:00 am and its time to wake up and get ready. We left the hotel around 6:30 and made it to the hospital around 6:45. i walked into surgery and handed them my slip and had to wait in the waiting room for like 25 min and I was called back, I was nervouse I wanted to cry to be honest. So they took my blood pressure and my heart rate. Here's the part i really dreaded, MY FIRST IV EVER. They started at my left forearm couldnt get it there so she called in another nurse and she tried it on my right forearm and couldnt get it (I cried on that one, it hurt so bad). So she switched to my left hand and got it. My hand hurt a little but not as bad. After that, they got me all covered up and let mom and daniel come back in. They set with me until around 8:30 and they came and got me for the surgery. They rolled me to the operation room and put me on the operating table and then put that sleeping medicine in my IV and the only thing i can remember after that is Dr. Berry Campbell coming in holdong my hand and telling me he was here and everything was going to be fine. The next thing i know is that im in the recovery room waking up to a nurse calling my name. She wiped me off (down there lol), Put a pad and disposable panties on me and asked me if i wanted something to drink and give me some crackers. She told me before I could go home i would have to use the restroom (Just to be sure i could pee without any problems). First i asked her if i can have something for pain. She gave me some Moraphine and a Percaset (how ever you spell it). I wasnt in pain no more lol. They went and got mom and daniel and then a nurse took me to the restroom. After that mom helped me get dressed and a nurse pushed me out to the car. When we got on the road that Percaset must have kicked in because i was knocked out the whole way home just about it. But this is my story.
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