slow heart beat and slow foetal pole

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slow heart beat and slow foetal pole

Postby sophian » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:53 am

Heres my story - I am 34 and been TTC for 2 years in which time I have suffered a chemical pregnancy and a missed miscarriage. On a better note, I have recently tested positive for pregnancy and am currently around 6 or 7 weeks pregnant.

I had a scan one week ago at the NHS EPU, where to my joy they found a heartbeat, too small to measure but definitely there and a 3mm foetal pole. They dated the pregnancy at 5 weeks 4 days, slightly earlier than I had assumed but the doctor felt everything was progressing normally and there was nothing to be concerned about

Despite being really really happy we did not tell anyone - mainly because I wanted to get past the anniversary of the last miscarriage. So, to be sure everything was growing normally I booked a Babybond scan one week after the NHS scan and the news is not good. The baby is only measuring 4mm CRL, so only 1mm growth in a week and the heartbeat is a sluggish 81bpm.

I am struggling to cope with this news but am trying to stay positive. My doctor says I need to wait it out for a further scan in 10 days - his view was much more positive than I expected saying private sonographers may not be as well trained as the NHS and the difference in measurements could be significant at such an early stage.

My biggest concern is that, apart from my doctors measured view, all internet research of slow foetal heartbeats and foetal poles indicates this is a doomed pregnancy.

Does anyone have view as to whether I should be prepare myself for the worst or positive stories to keep me going?
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Re: slow heart beat and slow foetal pole

Postby Kay » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:49 pm

Have they been monitoring your progesterone? I don't know if progesterone is the issue but sometimes in cases like this, it can be. Some women have had success with supplementation but, again, that is only if progesterone is the cause for the slow heartbeat.

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Re: slow heart beat and slow foetal pole

Postby Oriana-skies » Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:56 pm

Please, please, please don't dispair just yet. Six or seven weeks is still so early. I have been having my own dramas with slow growth of the embryo and my husband has been doing some research in medical journal that he has access to. You would be amazed at how much margin for error there can be in ultrasounds this early on. Doctors and medicine work on averages, they have to, but just because you are not average doesn't neccessarily mean the preganancy is doomed.

At least wait a few more weeks and see if the baby gets bigger and if his or her heartbeat gets stronger. In the meantime I will pray that the baby will be ok and that the waiting is not too awful (ok, who am I kidding, the waiting is awful for all of us :)O )

Good luck
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