Losing my baby, how long with this take???

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Losing my baby, how long with this take???

Postby mom21angel3boys1? » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:15 am

I am 7 weeks, and losing my baby.

I started getting very crampy with a bad backache all day 4/18, and very faintly brownish discharge. By bedtime I passed a small amount of dark brown mucus, and about 12 hrs later, 4/19 started bright red blood. :( :( :( :*( :*( :*( :*(

I have had labor type pains intermittently, bad for several hours, then easing, repeatedly since, and am losing more tissue, though still not a lot. I checked my cervix and I am dilated some (1 1/2 cm)? Do I have to get to 10 cm when I'm only 7 weeks??? I wish this would be over. 36 hrs and waiting for the rest. I lost breast tenderness completely several days ago.

I was really wishing for a girl. We have 3 DS, and I know we won't try for another, this wasn't planned, and knowing that there is almost noone who I can share this with, and most who wouldn't understand my grief at all makes me feel so alone. DH is trying to just support me as he would for a case of the flu. He's trying. I believe though he is honestly relieved. That makes me so much sadder and more lonely than anything.
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Re: Losing my baby, how long with this take???

Postby whattodo » Sat May 29, 2010 11:12 am

Hi there,

I just read your post and i am kind of wondering some of the same things you are. Has anything changed since you posted this? For me, i am wondering how long i will be intermittanly bleeding. It has been 3 weeks of mild to severe cramping and bleeding and i have read so many things about the length of time i am really confused and at a loss. I started spotting brown 2 weeks after i was told i was 5 weeks pregnant. After the first few days of spotting, i had an u/s done and saw the fetus and heartbeat,sac and all so i left relieved. About a week later, i started spotting red and the cramping was increasing so i had another u/s done and was told by the sonographer there was nothing there but tissue. The cramping and bleeding only increasd from that point forward and was told i was in the beginning stages of miscarraige..
Needless to say, it has been a very alienating and depressing few weeks, and i just want to know how long this will take and if 3 weeks of off and on bleeding is normal? All my pregnancy signs went away too, so i know it's just a matter of time, but i just want to know when. It's making me feel like i have the worst case of PMS and i have to stop myself from crying everytime i see a baby.
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