11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

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11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

Postby Dani Ella » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:15 am

LMP 19 August 2017.
Ovulated day 15 (2 Sept).
1 dpo (days past ovulation) Started progesterone supplement.
3 dpo -FET of 1 embryo on 5 September. Started Pregnyl injections every 3 days (until 12 weeks if we get there) as well as Clexane (blood thinner).
10 dpo implantation bleeding.

12 dpo (14 Sept) First Beta HCG 211.6
(Note:Test done 3 days since last Pregnyl injection. Pregnyl would account for somewhere between 85-105 of the Beta result, the rest of the HCG is from the pregnancy.)

13, 14 & 15 dpo more implantation bleeding on & off. No more bleeding after that.
15 dpo 2nd Beta 531.8 (Note: again tested 3 days after last Pregnyl)

24 dpo - Beta HCG 11,982

6 weeks 1 day Red bleeding on panty liner when I woke up in the morning that must have happened while I slept. Red bleeding and lots of tiny dark blood clots when I went to the toilet. Gave me quite a fright! Bleeding lasted for several hours, turned from red to beige spotting and stopped altogether by early afternoon. No more clots other than when first went to the toilet.

Reported the bleed and was told to get an ultrasound. Declined the ultrasound at this stage, as might or might not see a heartbeat, and wouldn't make any difference to the outcome of the pregnancy. Besides, I've had a retroverted uterus in the past. I said we'd rather wait as long as hormones still rising as they should.

6 weeks 2 days HCG 43,807. Decided to wait longer before having an ultrasound.

8 weeks 2 days -I had my first ultrasound at our health fund's ladies' clinic. Sac, yolk sac, fetal pole only measuring 2.8 mm. No heartbeat.
Asked if my uterus was retroverted. She didn't check, brushed me off and said it wouldn't make any difference. She also didn't check for a corpus luteum, saying that wouldn't make any difference either.
Doctor said to have another ultrasound in a week. Waited 2 weeks.

10 weeks 4 days (Last week 1 November) -Had 2nd ultrasound (same location, different machine and different technician who was more thorough than the 1st one). Sac was very large filling whole uterus, baby still tiny, but this time measured 5.4 mm. No heartbeat found. No yolk sac seen (I don't think??) , sac not "in order" like 2 weeks prior. Technician called in another technician who also did a transvaginal ultrasound, and then also did one on my stomach. Nice corpus luteum on left ovary. I We were told that the sac was the right size for 10 weeks, but baby they said was measuring just 6 weeks 2 days. I asked if my uterus was retroverted, and told "not currently".

Technicians recommended doing a D&C. I said I'd rather wait and miscarry naturally.

The technicians wouldn't give me a copy of their report. They said I needed to talk to a doctor who would give me a copy. They said they weren't doctors, but that it would be better to have a D&C rather than to wait to miscarry naturally, because the sac size is so big it fills my whole uterus (after saying not long before that it was the size of 10 weeks). But I said I'm not bleeding & no infection....no reason I can't wait. Besides, women give birth to full-term sized babies all the time. Oh, it's not the baby's size they're worried about, it's the sac size! (I can't work out why that's a problem....it's still a whole lot smaller than a full-term baby's sac and placenta! ).

So I had to go see a nurse, explain why I needed to see a doctor, and saw a doctor. They gave me an appointment with one doctor (my GYn wasn't there that day), but H said that there was another doctor there today that he knows is good (saw him once while pregnant and overdue with our daughter B, and he seemed to have good sense and not panicked like another doctor that wanted to rush me to induction the moment I hit 40 weeks). So went back and requested to change the appointment. Saw this doctor. He told me it was fine to wait a while, and then gave me a form saying that this was a "Missed Abortion" to take to hospital for a D&C, saying no need to make an appointment now. Just wait a few days, and then go.

So no one was giving any hope at all that this baby might possibly be alive, or that there might be any room for a miracle.

I have no intention of having a D&C, unless there was some life-threatening reason. So I decided to just wait. And if there was something wrong with the baby that meant the baby couldn't make it, then I will miscarry naturally. And if by some infinitely small chance that there might be a miracle and baby is still alive, then that's also in G-D's hands. After all, dead baby's don't grow in size (at least as far as I know of!)...that's not to say that perhaps baby was alive at the other scan, and then passed away soon after. If baby were alive, everyone would expected to have seen far more growth and a heartbeat as well. Perhaps baby had a chromosome defect, and couldn't make it as a result.
Fast forward to today (8 November)

11 weeks and 4 days -I am so glad I didn't go off and have a D&C!

Heartbeat found today at Hadassah Hospital's Mother and Baby Unit! (We are in Jerusalem).

Heartbeat very slow, baby doesn't seem to have grown (repot says CRL 5 mm), and the technician (who actually called in another technician to confirm the heartbeat) says likely baby is dying with such a slow heartbeat. Asked if my uterus was retroverted. Was told she didn't know.

Although the technician said the heartbeat was very very slow (I asked how slow, but she didn't measure it), the report says "Tachycardia". I googled that, and it's when the heartbeat is too fast, while bradycardia is when it's too slow. The word was written in Hebrew on the report...so perhaps in Hebrew it means both heartrate that's too fast or too slow? If not, then that's very strange!

So we are still praying - for a healthy baby, body, soul & spirit.
We don't know the outcome, but for now, our baby is alive, and is not a "Missed Abortion"!

PS Kay, now you know why I was back on this site, and just did an update about our "Rainbow Baby after 7 repeat miscarriages".
I have been on this site reading others' stories and hoping and praying for a miracle like theirs. And realized, I'd never updated our story which might give others hope too!
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Re: 11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

Postby Dani Ella » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:11 am

The technician (this morning) asked me questions before she did the ultrasound. When I told her about the previous 2 ultrasounds, she said "That's impossible! If the baby grew, it had to have a heartbeat. Babies without heartbeats do NOT grow!"

My husband wasn't there at this ultrasound. He was there for both of the others, but he didn't come to this one, as he thought "What is the point?" (ie if the baby has died, why would he want to go see another ultrasound.)

I'm not sure what to think or feel about all this. After all, it's hard to get excited when you've been told that your baby is probably dying. On the other hand, our baby has a heartbeat, and that puts a smile on my face. After all, a slow heartbeat is certainly a big difference from NO heartbeat!

I am still having all day morning sickness, although it has eased a bit over the last week or two, but no change in smells that set me off, and very limited selection of foods I can manage to eat (and absolute torture if H or daughter B eat anything with fish or garlic....I can't stand the smell even from far away, and lasts a good 24 hours. I tell H that I love him, it's just his breath I can't stand!).
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Re: 11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

Postby Dani Ella » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:00 pm

What a roller-coaster ride! Down and up and now back down another steep slope again! Went for my scheduled appointment today with the private OBY/Gyn who is also the head of Hadassah Hospital's ultrasound dept. Appointment was meant to be the N.T. scan, but baby was too small for that.
H was with me this time.

12 weeks 4 days today. Baby measured a tiny bit bigger (9.1 mm) which is supposed to about 6 weeks 6 days/7 weeks. But no heartbeat found. She also tried the Doppler on the ultrasound, but still nothing found. There was a small yolk sac seen today (which I don't remember seeing at all last week or 2 weeks ago, but was present 4 weeks ago.)

Found a haematoma next to the gestational sac....but then the Dr said it might be the placenta. I think she said there was something wrong with it if it's a placenta...but I didn't understand exactly what. So either way, whether a haemotoma or a placenta, evidently it didn't look very good.

She had done the scan vaginally, and I asked if perhaps it might make a difference doing a scan on my tummy. She didn't think so, but she did a brief one at my request. She said that the internal scan was better and that she we weren't seeing things as clearly on the abdominal scan.

We were told it's a missed miscarriage (and on her report, that awful terminology "missed abortion"). Nothing like being told that baby has died at 10&1/2 weeks and given a form to go off and have a D&C, .. . . then to find out a week later that baby is alive with a heartbeat and not a miscarriage after all & to have another ultrasound in a week, . . . . .then another week later to be told yet again that baby has definitely died.

I was given 3 options:
1) I could go to the hospital for a D&C
2) I could take pills to start the miscarriage
3) I could be vacuumed out in her office today. Pain of about 4/10, and only takes about 5 minutes.

I chose not to take any of those options, and to wait. So I am waiting (again!) to miscarry naturally.
The Dr. did say we could go out and think about it, and let her know in another 10 minutes. In some ways, if baby is definitely gone, it might be good to just get vacuumed out , heal and move on. This doctor is experienced and one of the best we have here in Jerusalem (if not the best), and I trust her judgement.. But on the other hand, something just doesn't add up here. Baby is bigger again, but there's no heartbeat...haematoma....(looked that up after I got home, and seems they cause a lot of bleeding or at the very least a lot of spotting), but not bleeding or cramping.....but might be the placenta in any case. So, even though she's probably 99.9% right, there's still that niggling "What if...." and perhaps that tiniest sliver of a chance that maybe we will have a miracle here. H told me that it's my body & my choice what to do. He also told the doctor, even before I did, when she told us the options, that I would probably prefer to miscarry naturally (He knows me pretty well!).

Dr came out a short while later, and having had a good look at the report while we waited outside, I asked her about the baby's change in size. (I actually thought the baby measured 6 mm during the scan and hadn't grown [was 2.8 mm 4 weeks ago, 5.4 mm 2 weeks ago and 4.5 mm last week even though had a heartbeat this time!!!!], but the photo in the report showed a measurement of 9.1, which had surprised me...just goes to show that when there's so much going on, you can miss something important!). It's not much growth, and baby is way, way behind. And perhaps it's because she's better at finding and measuring than most technicians, and perhaps her equiptment is better. (Scary if these are all discrepancies depending on who does the measuring!!!) I pointed out that the baby HAD actually grown. But the Dr. said there was no heartbeat. If baby's heartbeat was very slow last week, then this isn't surprising.

I asked the Dr. if there was any room for hope, even the tiniest amount. No, she said, she has never seen a baby at this size with no heartbeat make it. At the size it was before, possibly, but this size, no. She's 100% sure that baby hasn't made it. :(

I still decided to wait. If she is right, and I think she probably is, then the baby will miscarry naturally. She said she doesn't know how long until that will happen. She said it could be tomorrow, or it could be in 4 weeks. I would rather wait. Very, very unlikely that there's a mistake, but I'll leave that 0.1% chance to G-D.

After we left the medical clinic and H left to go back to work, I went back into the building to use the toilet before the trip home. As I got to the lifts and pressed the button, out came the TCM Doctor (who has been very helpful with acupuncture and herbs before and during 1st trimester with B's pregnancy and herbs this before and at the start of this pregnancy) from one of the lifts! I've been keeping her updated, so she wanted to know if I was on my way for the ultrasound. We found a quiet spot & had a brief chat, and I filled her in. She encouraged me to focus on what I have (B who is almost 2.5 years old and a delight and blessing!), not on what I've lost. She said to let her know what's happening as far as miscarrying naturally, and says if it doesn't happen fairly soon, to consider having things cleaned out so I can grieve and move on. She said she's going to contact me tomorrow to see how I'm going. Meanwhile, she recommended spending the rest of the afternoon doing something fun together with B. She was asking to go to a park, so we ended up stopping at a big park & playground she hadn't been to before on the way home.
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Re: 11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

Postby Dani Ella » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:50 pm

No news. Still waiting. 13 weeks now.
I have an appointment on Thursday with my Gyn at the Ladies' Health Centre. Made the appointment a few weeks ago, for after the NT scan (which wasn't a NT scan after all as baby too small and lost heartbeat). Guess I'll still keep the appointment, if only to update him on what's happened since I last met with him. Last visit was just after the first u/s scan at 8 weeks. Guess if I haven't miscarried by Thursday, he will be surprised to see me still pregnant. No idea what he'll say about the misdiagnosed miscarriage at the centre he works at. Haven't been back there at all since being handed the form (by a different doctor as he wasn't there that day) for a D&C at 10 & 1/2 weeks.
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Re: 11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

Postby Dani Ella » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:35 am

Update: 13 weeks 6 days. Have had beige/ sometimes pink spotting all week on loo paper, occasionally on panty liner. Today now red spotting on loo paper only.

Saw my Family Dr on Tuesday about repeating my thyroid tests. Also filled her in on the misdiagnosed miscarriage and now waiting once again to miscarry. She was surprised and very nice and sympathetic saying she was very sorry I was going through this. I asked if I could get my HCG, progesterone & estradiol checked as well, just to see what's happening and how far things are falling to get an idea of how close the miscarriage might be. But she refused, saying that test results won't make any difference at this stage of pregnancy, and as long as there's something from the pregnancy inside, there will still be hormones in any case.

Yesterday (Thursday), I had my appointment with my Gyn at the Ladies' Health Clinic. He also was surprised and sorry about what has been happening, and said he had hoped that this time everything was going to go well when hormones rose so well at the beginning.. He also said no to checking pregnancy hormones, but did send me for another ultrasound (which he also didn't think was necessary).

Had the ultrasound yesterday shortly after the appointment. When I arrived, and it was my turn, the technician asked if I'd been to the toilet. I had been about an hour before, and hadn't gone in case it was an abdominal scan. When she asked me to go to the toilet 1st, I assumed it would be an internal ultrasound, and wasn't too surprised as last week the private OB/Gyn did it internally and said the view on my tummy wasn't nearly as clear when she tried that at my request during the scan.

So when I returned from the loo, and went in for the scan. I was very surprised that she did an abdominal scan on my tummy, and NOT internally! She measured the hematoma (or whatever it was...perhaps it's the placenta?). And she measured the sac, each taking up about 1/2 the space in my uterus. And she found the baby which measured at 7.8 mm (last week was 9.1 on internal/vaginal ultrasound, not measured abdominally). I have no idea whether measurements would differ much between addominal and vaginal scans???? Of course this was still a bigger measurement from the 5.4 mm when I was misdiagnosed with a miscarriage at 10 weeks 4 days. But looks like baby has not grown, and again like last week, no heartbeat found.

Went back to my Dr. afterwards with the photos and he gave me a copy of the report. Again, he said he was very, very sorry.

So I am still waiting for the miscarriage. Thought perhaps this was the start when I saw red spotting on loo paper late this morning, but hasn't eventuated into anything...at least not yet. The only "cramping" I seem to get is if I eat chickpeas (which I can manage to eat cold!) and then I get pains which turn out not to be miscarriage pains, but gas pains. :/   And smells still really bother me. Today is Friday with all the neighbours cooking for Shabbat...Fridays are the worst day for me.

Got results back from the thyroid test, and my thyroid has finally stabilized. (Had needed increases in dose of thyroid medication every 2 weeks at the beginning of the pregnancy, and then once hit about 8.5/ 9 weeks, had to gradually reduce medication again. This also happened during my pregnancy with our daughter B.
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Re: 11 Weeks 4 Days and Our "Missed Abortion" Has a Heartbeat!!!!

Postby Dani Ella » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:01 pm

I really don't know what that was all about....
Today started out with a bang....actually a "pop" rather than a bang.

I woke up this morning at about 5:30 am. Just after opening my eyes, I felt like something inside went "pop", and then an immediate sensation of being drenched down below. I thought that the sac must have broken and the miscarriage had started.

I raced to the loo (toilet) as fast as I could. I was soaked in bright red blood through the panty liner (which had no hope of containing the flood!), undies, PJ's and managed to "decorate" my bedding etc as well. I continued to bleed heavily on the toilet for a few minutes. I told H (who was also up) what happened. Strangely enough, he asked how I felt, and I told him I felt OK, no pain, just the bleeding. H managed to round up some fresh clothes for me I requested (too scared to leave the toilet!).

However, after just a few minutes and a good clean up, and a super thick pad, the bleeding actually stopped! Back to only red spotting on loo paper.

45 minutes later, I felt another gush & raced for the loo. Heavy red bleeding again, which also stopped after just a few minutes. And even with all the bleeding, there wasn't any pain, and certainly didn't miscarry anything...no sac, no baby, no placenta, nothing. I still thought this must be the start of the miscarriage though, and asked H not to go all the way to the Synagogue he usually goes to on Shabbat this morning (45 min. walk away), as I didn't want to be on my own with no phone contact & our daughter B, if for some reason I needed help. So he went to a synagogue nearby with an early minyan (service) at 6:30 am (which is also shorter being so early).

H returned and asked how I was... Nothing since he'd left...only spotting on loo paper. And have continued all day with nothing but spotting on loo paper all day.

So I have no idea what all that was about, but whatever it was, it certainly wasn't the miscarriage I'm supposed to be expecting. 14 weeks today, and still waiting.... Everything closed today (Shabbat/Saturday) except emergency services (and this wasn't an emergency thankfully!), so will wait until tomorrow to contact my doctor to let him know about the bleeding.

I am going to post this comment and further updates over on the "Waiting to Miscarry" forum under "Expectant Management".
"Waiting to Miscarry Naturally Once Again (After being misdiagnosed with a miscarriage, and then losing the heartbeat)"
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