Maybe Miscarriage??

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Maybe Miscarriage??

Postby Jem2boys » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:28 am

Hi I know this is a long shot and I'm probably holding on to false hope but I just want some advice from someone who might have been in a similar situation.
I went for my first scan yesterday. I thought I was only 8 weeks but my midwife booked it in as 12 weeks. When I got there the lady told me my baby was only measuring 8 weeks and she couldn't detect a heartbeat or see any blood flow. When she showed me there was no blood flow ob me or the baby. She told me that the blood would show up a different colour on the baby like it would me Hut the screen remained black when she moved to show me the difference. I still feel pregnant I've had no symptoms at all no cramps. My breasts still hurt and I'm still being sick. When I went to emergency gynaecology they gave me 3 options. Let nature take its course take pills or have the evac. I opted for let nature take its course as I cannot get rid of my baby when I still believe it's alive. Am I getting my hopes and being in denial or am u justified in feeling this way? I'm booked in for 2 weeks time to see what's happening either it'll be gone and they will confirm or my instinct is right and I have done the right thing.
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Re: Maybe Miscarriage??

Postby Kay » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:31 pm

I am so glad you are having a second look. Usually, one week after the baby is viewed without a heartbeat, there will be a visible heartbeat if the pregnancy is viable. (((hugs))) to you.
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