Fetal development, no fetal HB, decreased Hcg,...

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Fetal development, no fetal HB, decreased Hcg,...

Postby EmmaP » Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:23 am

After a few horrible weeks anxiously trying to figure out whether I have a viable pregnancy or not ... I finally came to terms with it and am sharing my story here ...

I am 37 years old with history of having preterms (early contractions and dilations). About 6 weeks ago I had a positive pregnancy test. It all came as a shock to hubby and I as I was still nursing my now 9-month-old and was on the mini pills. I had my first dating U/S done at 5 wks 3 days. It was too early to see a heart beat so we were scheduled for another U/S a week later. I told my husband that I didn't feel right. Everything seemed too good to be true-besides some light-headedness and a little bit of cravings, I didn't have any nausea or any trouble with eating/food like how I normally had with my other 3 boys. My husband reassured me maybe this is a girl so it's different. My 2nd U/S was dated 6 wks 2 days. There was fetal pole but no heart beat was detected. Doctor told me it probably is a missed miscarriage and sent me straight to the clinic side to talk to a midwife whom I'd never met before. The midwife gently told me it looked like I've miscarried as there was no fetal heart beat and right away offered expectant mangagement, cytotec, or D & C. I chose cytotec, took the prescription with another narcotic script and went home-bumped! I didn't feel right-they should have offered me a confirming U/S past 7 weeks and/or at least a beta Hcg. I saw 2 problems: one was I did not know the first day of my last period (so my dating could have been off), 2nd is that I had a tipped uterus (maybe the tech couldn't see well because of that??). But it was too late ...it was Friday evening. I did not pick up my medications that night. I called back into the clinic Monday telling them of my concerns and that I would like a referral over to Minnesota Perinatal Care (a clinic that specialized in high risk pregnancies that I've worked with with my last pregnancy). The message was sent to my regular midwife, who had a nurse call me back telling me that the diagnosis was accurate and denied me of the referral and to "go ahead and take the cytotec". I was mad! I thanked her for the message and didn't forget to tell her that I asked for a referral only because MPC required it but I regardless, I will get a 2nd opinion from a different system. How could they do that to me? ...my colleagues! :()

The week after I was seen by a doctor who had 38 years experience. He looked at my chart and said it looks "definitive" but he will send me for an U/S and Hcg unless I still want a referral to MPC he can still do that. I decided to stick with him. My Hcg 2 days later came back at 24,695. I started having some light brownish discharge the next day. A 48 hours draw dropped down to 22,590. Again, it was Friday evening. I spoke with an on-call doc who told me it looks like it's going in that (miscarriage) direction and ordered another Hcg on Monday. My Hcg on Monday dropped down to 20,542. I continued to have brownish discharge, sometimes a bit more than others but still not soaking a pad or having any cramping at all. Today (7/28) I went in for an U/S and a follow up with the OB doc. The U/S showed a fetal pole, measured at 6 wks 4 days, no heart beat, no movements (it should have been 9 weeks 3 days based on the 2nd u/s). With decreasing Hcg at and around 6-8 weeks along with bloody discharge and no fetal development, I feel I am coming to terms with this loss. I am planning on a D & C. My message to others out there is to do your best-the rest is in god's hands. I live a healthy life style (no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, eat healthy, take my vitamins and supplements such as prenatals, vit D, Omega, Calcium,..throughout pregnancies). Sometimes it happens,...and we don't necessarily know why.
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Re: Fetal development, no fetal HB, decreased Hcg,...

Postby kharker » Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:39 am

I had a missed miscarriage last May. Once the brown bleeding started it lasted about 4 days before I passed the rest including the baby. I knew what was happening but I couldn't bring myself to do any of the things the Dr. wanted me to do because in my eyes I had to be 100% sure and not any less. After I lost all of the big clots and was sure I was going to bleed to death I finally went to the hospital where I then made them do another us before I would agree to the d&c.

That was a personal choice of mine. I developed an infection that required a few different antibiotics and could have hurt myself but I was more worried about my mind than my body if that makes any sense.

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant again they have confirmed heartbeat but HCG is really low and not doubling so again I am trying to mentally prepare for the worst but after seeing the heartbeat and the baby measuring exactly where it should be I think it will be hard to prepare for.

I am so sorry you are going through this or that anyone has to go through this. I too live a healthy life and it just seems so unfair that others abuse their bodies and their babies and seem to be perfectly capable of carrying a healthy baby to term.

Hang in there sweetie
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