no period, bfp, period

no period, bfp, period

Postby sgulab » Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:13 pm

Hello all Im new on here obviously Hope everyone is doing well

Anyhow, heres my situation.

I missed my period back in April (yay) my husband was actually the first to tell me I was actually pregnant. But when I did an at home test it was negative so I went in for my bloods and my hcg level was only 9 at the time (I went into get my bloods the week of May 11th). I went in the week after and it had gone up to 18. Then on May 20th I started bleeding (full week just like my period maybe a bit heavier) there was no cramping or anything.

So I decided that I had miscarried ( my first pregnancy was a blighted ovum. I got pregnant a couple of months after and now have a 2 year old )

I went in to get my bloods done again and my hcg had become 73 and then the most recent one has been 173. I also had a vaginal u/s and there is a "fairly large" cyst on my right ovary (no pain just a few twinges here and there). I have spotting on and off. Its more around the time when my toddler has been crawling all over me or I have been running after him somedays its there and somedays there is no spotting at all. My pregnancy symptoms stopped that week of bleeding but started right up after it ended.

I have a bloated feeling ALL the time. And I have had tingly breasts on and off and they are swollen. But one of the very first signs I had for this pregnancy was this really weird rash around my eyes (which has NEVER happened before-it felt like someone had peeled the skin off or something).

Another thing to note is that I have been fasting 18 hour days since May 27th (month of Ramadhan for muslims) no food or water. This is going to end in about 15 more days. I eat in the evening around 8:30 and then can eat all night

Docs dont know what to think. I went from chemical pregnancy to ectopic, to we have no idea but are going to give you meds to kill the cells.

I just want to wait it out so it can go either way. I have had a miscarriage before but that week of bleeding I had was nothing like that it was just bleeding just like a period.

sorry its so long. I just really dont know what to do. I am thinking of changing my doc.
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