Hope for Those TTC after Recurrent Losses

Hope for Those TTC after Recurrent Losses

Postby Lisa17 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:24 pm

Hi ladies,

My story is similar to many of yours. My husband and I suffered 4 losses within a year and half without ever knowing what caused our miscarriages. I always would miscarry around 6 weeks. And every time, it sucked worse than the last. But I have an update that I hope brings hope to everyone who is still ttc after a loss. I've posted my story on the other board for recurrent loss / hcg level issues, but wanted to post here too.

My last (4th) miscarriage was in June 2016. After that fourth miscarriage, we decided to see a different RE - someone who would be willing to help me do something to keep my pregnancies rather than simply "monitor" me. My OB was not comfortable prescribing anything and the RE I was seeing tried to push IUIs and IVF (even though I could get pregnant, I just couldn't stay pregnant.) So, in July 2016 I met with my new RE who was very willing to try a kitchen sink of options to try and help me in any way she could. Because I can get pregnant, she did not recommend IVF. Instead, she recommended that I go on Progesterone 3 dpo, intralipid infusion 7 days before ovulation and then again 14 dpo, and daily injections of Lovenox (40mg) starting 3 dpo.

My husband and I left her office and for the first time we felt like we had a plan and something to try. Like many of you, we were screened for every possible condition and we came back completely "normal." I double-edged sword because while it's great to be healthy, something was going on that they couldn't diagnose, which makes it challenging to treat. The only thing I have is the MTHFR gene mutation (compound heterozygous), which according to the medical community at large is not a contributing factor to recurrent pregnancy loss (supposedly). Even still, my new RE said 4 losses in a row is statistically uncommon and that something wrong is happening beyond "bad luck" and "chromosomal abnormalities." She was more than willing to try some low risk, low cost treatments even if they are somewhat controversial for someone without a defined condition.

It took about 40 days for my regular period to come back after the 4th loss, but we decided to try again as soon as we were able in August 2016. I didn't think I would be able to conceive again so quickly, but I did. This time, with my toolbox of treatment options.

I am now 24 weeks pregnant with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. My due date is May 24, 2017 and so far everything has been going well with this pregnancy while I've been under treatment. The doctors still have no idea which thing specifically worked or why, but we all guess that something did the trick. I went off the Progesterone after 10 weeks and the intralipids were just an early pregnancy treatment. The daily injections of Lovenox is what I've been scared to stop. The doctors thought I should be ok to stop at 12 weeks, I pushed to stay on them until 20 weeks, and now I'm still pretty terrified to go off them at all. So, I'm going to stay on them since we can't know for sure if I have an underlying blood clotting disorder that medical science can't screen for yet. I'll be under the care of my OB and a perinatologist through delivery to keep a close eye on me and the baby.

Suffering recurrent loss is extremely difficult. But don't give up and don't lose hope. Get multiple opinions from different people and medical professionals. Switch doctors until you find one that is willing to help you - really help you. Don't ever feel like you can't advocate for yourself. You know your body better than anyone. Push for your miracle and don't accept no for an answer. There are things they can try and you can weigh the risks and benefits according to your situation.
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