Confirmed Ectopic Pregnancy - Lost right tube & ovary

Confirmed Ectopic Pregnancy - Lost right tube & ovary

Postby misttons » Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:23 pm

I started my story as a reply to another post. Now that I know the outcome, I decided that I should share my whole story with everyone, because it was definitly a rollercoaster and this pregnancy was wanted.

My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2010 and lost his right testicle last year. So when we found out we were pregnant - it was a huge blessing for us.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant (9/22) I've been cramping or spotting which made me call the doctor and get these tests done.

Tuesday (10/4), I went to the Dr's to get bloodwork done becuase I was spotting/light bleeding. Wednesday I went and had the ultrasound and they said there was nothing in the uterus and the tech was absolutly sure that it was an ectopic pregnancy. I spoke with the doctor later on that day and she said my levels were in the 6600s and we should have seen a heartbeat by this point. She then wanted to schedule me for the methotrexate either that day or Thursday. She told me to dress and then she would come back in.

My doctor came back into the room and said, change of plans. She had my progesterone levels checked and they were at 32 which she said was normal for viable pregnancy and that they noticed that my uterus is a little bit heart shaped, so with all of that, there's a possiblity the tech could have been mistaken (which I was soo happy to hear becuase I didn't like that tech AT ALL!). So instead of the methotrexate right now, they were going to do repeat blood tests and another ultrasound. She also said the baby could be in the horn of my uterus.

After I left the dr's office, I told my husband everything that was going on. That's when I found this website and it gave me hope. A lot of hope. But then I started spotting more and cramping, and then I started to get sharp pains on my right side (which weren't horrible, just uncomfortable). I decided at that moment to prepare myself for the worst (which I figured that I would have to get the shot to end the pregnancy - which I was wrong).

Thrusday I did the repeat bloodtest and Friday was the repeat ultrasound. The ultrasound was exactly like it was on Wednesday (and the tech was much nicer this time, but I think bad news may have made her a bit nicer to me). I also found out that my hormone levels were doubling (they were 12000) and the spot that they saw in my right tube had grown bigger. My doctor told me I was no longer a candidate for the shot and that I needed to get the surgery. Throughout all of this, my husband never came to the dr with me, but this time he was there and I was so happy he was.

So, Friday night (10/7) I was admitted into the hospital and had the surgery performed that night. When I woke up and after speaking with the dr, I found out that they had to take my entire right tube AND ovary. Turns out, the baby had damaged my tube really bad and was taking over my ovary. Also, I had started to bleed internally and it looked like my tube was about to rupture. They caught this all just in time!

I'm blessed that they caught it becuase my life could have been in danger, but my husband and I really wanted this baby. Oh, and my uterus is normal shaped and the dr's said I should have no problem conceiving again.

So look to the bright side (which is all I can do, becuase I'm not one to dwell on the negative once it's done and over), once I'm all better, we're going to start trying again and I can't wait. Our future baby will cherished and loved.

Thank you for letting me share my story!
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