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Ok so here goes...
I found out 3 weeks ago i was pregnant. I suffer from PCOS and my husband has low sperm count and motility so we have been seeing and RE. I became pregnant on my own so i was being followed by RE for monitoring. First beta was 61 two days later 122 a week later 267 a week later went down to 142 and 4 days later down to 103. Began to bleed and have lots of pain on my left side and lower back went today for an ultrasound and HCG. Ultrasound showed a sac in utero and something abnormal in left tube. This week puts me at 7 weeks but according to my ovulation dates its more like 6 weeks. She called me this afternoon and said that my HCG went back up and talked to me about the injection. I do go back monday for more blood work.
is it a possibility that there is a chance for in utero sac to further develop?
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Hi there,
I hope you are doing ok! The same thing happened to me yesterday. I'm almost 6 weeks and they saw something in my uterus and something else near my right ovary. I'm doing bloodwork now and I have another U/S on Monday. Hopefully the U/S will confirm either way, but I have to be careful about a rupture until then. Did you have a follow-up U/S? If you don't mind, could you share what happened after your posted here? Thank you!
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