Possible Ectopic...

Possible Ectopic...

Postby z26 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:47 pm


Last december I had my first Ectopic. It was found early enough and I was given Methotextrate. My husband and I have just started trying again early this month, and I just tested positive yesterday. I went into the doctor to get checked up and to make sure everything was ok. They did an ultrasound, and couldnt find anything. What they did see were cluster of cells on my right fallopian tube, which is swollen, and happens to be the same side I had my first ectopic on. All they told me to do now is wait. Could it be to early and the egg hasnt dropped yet? Im hoping so, but im begining to think that it is too late and has implanted itself there already and I will have to lose another one :(
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