Ectopic or vanishing twin?

Ectopic or vanishing twin?

Postby anthonywing » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:45 pm

Please someone respond.... I know I have a weird story but here it goes.I had a ligation reversal nov.30 2007. I have had 3 preg. all normal prior to the surgury. Husband and i ttc so i took an opk test and it showed positive for onulation Jan 19. my lmp was jan 1 08. So i took a hpt on feb 3 got a bfp!!! Tested 4 more times that wk all positive. On the 10 of feb. I noticed a pee size amount of brown on my liner. Went to docs next day the urine test was neg. We were shoked to say the least. He said i was miscarring and I would bleed and cramp. He took my bhcg level that day to make sure it was going down. Well It was 30. Two days later 62 then went to er to see if they could see it in my tube and they said urine was neg. but hcg was 108. Cervix closed and no sighn of miscarriage. They said it was too early to see anything. Thats when the brown dis.stopped and has never been blood. No cramping or sided pain. since then I have been on blood draw every two days. 115,289,389,540. This is frustrating and doc said that the sudden neg. urine and sudden drop in preg. symptoms could be the "vanising twin". He said #'s dont have the pattern of an ectopic. Rather a rising preg. I'm so sad and scared. Trying so hard to put this in Gods Hands. Please if anyone can give me anything I greatly appreciate it. :(
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