Ectopic, normal pregnancy, or miscarriage??

Ectopic, normal pregnancy, or miscarriage??

Postby Kirstyannette22 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:16 pm


So on Sunday January 8 I had a car accident and was taken to the hospital and found out that I was indeed pregnant!! Yay!!! I had been told that I probably wouldn't ever become pregnant again due to scar tissue and if I did it would be ectopic. And here we are. Anyways based from my last menstral cycle November 26 give or take a few days I should be around 6-7 weeks all though my cycles are around 33-35 days long. On January 11 I started bleeding and went to the ER the bleeding lasted about an hour or so then turned brown and stopped. I was given a vaginal ultrasound and the said they saw something in my tube so I was having an ectopic pregnancy and my hCG level was only 276 putting me at 2-3 weeks instead of 6-7 which in my head I was thinking if I was that early you couldn't see anything on an ultrasound yet anyway. So the next day January 12 I seen my OBGYN and he says that I'm not having an ectopic pregnancy that I'm most likely having an early miscarriage and sent me to have blood work done January 13 which is today. The nurse called and said that my hCG had gone up only by about 30 some points putting me in the 300 range and said the dr says this is normal in the beginning?? Which I'm not to sure what that meant and scheduled me to have more blood drawn Monday January 16. I started bleeding again but not heavy and again with no clots. Has anyone experienced something similar with a positive outcome???
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