D&C with vacuum aspiration

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D&C with vacuum aspiration

Postby Jojoma » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:27 pm

At 8 weeks, my midwife couldn't find an embryo or heartbeat. She ordered HCG testing over two days. Her back-up called me and told me I was miscarrying since my values dropped from 31,000 to 29,000. She scheduled a procedure in two days. I didn't go and I had to insist on another scan and more blood work. At 9 weeks, they took my HCG again and it was 38,000. Another scan revealed an embryo that looked like it was 5 1/2 weeks along with no heartbeat. I went to another practice for a second opinion, same measurement on the embryo and they also told me that I had a "missed miscarriage". I had a procedure scheduled at 10 weeks. I talked to a doctor who told me that I might want to continue waiting to see if things will clear by themselves to avoid any uterine damage. At this point, I was still feeling very pregnant and very uncomfortable. No cramping but bleeding had started. I pushed off the appointment and waited. I had them take another HCG in beginning of my 11th week and it was still up to 31,000.

I went in for my procedure this morning at 11 weeks. It was a D&C with local anaesthesia. I took an 800 mg Motrin first, then something to relax and Percocet for pain. I did one last scan. Nothing had changed and no blood was going to the embryo. I had my husband leave for the actual procedure. He was there for both of my live births. I didn't want him to be there for this experience.

I lay down and put my feet in stirrups. She used the spectrometer to open things up. She cleaned up my cervix. She gave me four or five shots. The last couple were painful. Nothing to make you scream, but I felt it and it burned a little. The process involved the vacuum and some scraping. I felt cramps that were quite uncomfortable at time. At no point was it excruciating. It was also over in about 10 minutes.

I lay there for a while to rest and they checked my blood pressure. I got up and then had lunch with my husband.

All in all, the period of waiting was much, much worse than the actual procedure. I'm sad but I'm relieved that the dead tissue is out of me. I feel better physically right now.
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Re: D&C with vacuum aspiration

Postby Kay » Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:27 pm

(((hugs))) to you and continued prayers Thank you for sharing your story though. It really will help so many women who have to make this difficult decision.
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