For those who chose misoprostol, please read:

For women choosing to use medications to manage the miscarriage

For those who chose misoprostol, please read:

Postby PleaseG-dNotAgain » Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:15 pm

I don't know how many of you know this, thought of this, whatever....

I know misoprostol doesn't work *every* time.

But when you are on the toilet and the stuff keeps coming out, please do yourself a favor -
Push like you're pooping.
Push like you're giving birth.

If you're bleeding a lot, there's something that's trying to come out.
Give a push, or several, and help it out.

You may save yourself a lot of blood, a lot of worry, and maybe even a D&C.

I don't know why the doctors don't tell you to push when you're cramping and on the toilet.

I do know that it's not obvious....because I've read several miscarriage stories, and while I see a lot of "cramps, bleeding, on the toilet, clots came out" - I hardly ever, or maybe never - have seen someone write that she felt like a lot of blood was about to come out, got up, went to the toilet, sat down wiped, saw that it wasn't stopping, pushed - and pushed out a clot or two or three....after which the bleeding subsided.

Girls, push.

When you have a live baby, he helps himself come out, and you still push.

This one is smaller, it ain't helping you, and it ain't helping itself.

If you chose misoprostol, you're trying to avoid surgical management.

PUSH!!! (But don't hurt yourself. Gentle pushes count, too. Just keep at it till you're successful.)

Good luck!
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