Should I stop the progesterone?

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Should I stop the progesterone?

Postby BethTTC » Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:27 am

Last Friday I went in for what was supposed to be my 8 week appointment and the doctor couldn't find anything but a possible collapsed sac. Was told give it a week. Went in today and saw sac (she said it was the same size but I swore I could see it better this time. She never measured last week but said this week it was the size of a two week pregnancy). Last week my hcg was 1,136 (super low and obviously hadn't doubled previous weeks. I know without a doubt my dates are right because after I ovulated we stopped having sex. I'm taking progesterone suppositories and didn't want to stop until I get my next hcg levels (Monday). I feel like that's really denial though. I want to get the miscarriage over with (I'd like to start trying again ASAP and we have Labor Day weekend plans I don't want a miscarriage to cause me to miss it - last one had me miss a family Christmas holiday cruise). Should I just stop the progesterone? Or is there a sliver of Hope and should I wait? I want to do a natural miscarriage (just prefer to avoid a medical procedure if it's not absolutely necessary). I feel like the progesterone has delayed the inevitable. I did see some brown discharge when I inserted my suppositories tonight so maybe it's on it's way...
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