Large yolk sac at 8 weeks (8.0mm) MISDIAGNOSED

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Large yolk sac at 8 weeks (8.0mm) MISDIAGNOSED

Postby maferfuentesc » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:31 am

After losing my twin babies soon after birth 6 months ago due to premature birth caused by preclampsia, I really wasn't expecting to get pregnant so soon. But I did, surprisingly as we struggled woth infertility before.
At 8 weeks, during my first dr's appt, I was sent home to miscarry because my yolk sac was 8.0mm. We repeated the ultrasound at 9 weeks when dr expected to find a dead embryo. To everyone's surprise, baby had grown and was measuring on point, but yolk sac grew as well and now measured 9.0mm.
We repeated the ultrasound at 10 elweeks and same thing again, baby was measuring 10 weeks and everything looked normal woth him if it weren't for the fact that the yolk sac now measured 10.0mm. I was given no hope and was offered genetic testing to be done at 10w4d. It was Panorama. We were again sent home under the instructions to call if I was bleeding or cramping, they finally did the regular blood screenings for pregnancy thinking I "might" make it. But they where not very optimistic that the baby was going to either survive or have any chromosomal abnormalities.
Week 12 finally came and as we did our NT ulstrasound, we found out that baby's neck measured normal, the yolk sac was completely gone and the placenta was there, everything looked like it's supposed to in a normal pregnancy and our genetic screening came back woth low rosk for everything it tested (and we are having a boy!)
I don't think I'll be 100% worry free during this pregnancy, but now I have hope, we are naming this baby Matthew, it means "God's gift" and we are trusting as best we can that this baby will be alright. He is very loved by all his family and especially by his 3yo brother already.
Reading stories on this site gave me some hope during the first few weeks of this pregnancy. Thank you!
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Re: Large yolk sac at 8 weeks (8.0mm) MISDIAGNOSED

Postby Kay » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:34 pm

What wonderful news. I am just so happy for you. We have had a number of women now given no hope because of an enlarged yolk sac and all was well. Please, keep us updated and thank you so much for sharing!
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