Kiajeen14's Story - Diagnosed at Only 7 Weeks

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Kiajeen14's Story - Diagnosed at Only 7 Weeks

Postby Kiajeen14 » Thu May 19, 2016 7:25 pm

I had a really rough week. This pregnancy was unexpected and I had no idea how far along I was. My cycles are around 50 days because I am breastfeeding my 22 months toddler. I went in for an ultrasound on 5/5, was able to see the gestational sac and was told to come back in two weeks because it was too early.

So being the impatient fool I am I waited a week then decided to go to one of those private ultrasound clinics. I gave the nurse my LMP but explained the length of the cycle and that I know the date of conception was 4/14. She did the ultrasound and saw the yolk sac, did some measurements and tells me that she is afraid this is a failed pregnancy. Based on the size of the GS (16mm) and the embryo (2mm) and the fact that I was 7 weeks with such a small embryo. She recommended that I go to the ER for further examination and to schedule a D&C.

I was confused, devastated, and then angry! How could a normally progressing pregnancy be considered a failure? I of course consulted Dr Google for hours on end, comparing ultrasound images. I convinced myself that she was wrong. My measurements were within parameters, I had seen normal progression, and my hCG was doubling appropriately. She didn't seem to even consider my longer than usual cycles before handing down this diagnosis!

I decided to obviously wait until my next appointment with my OB and deal with whatever I found out then.Today I had my follow up ultrasound and I saw not only the baby, but the heartbeat. I'm 7w2d. My EDD is now January 3rd.
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Re: Kiajeen14's Story - Diagnosed at Only 7 Weeks

Postby Kay » Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:56 pm

Congratulations! I hope you are able to come back and share an update :)
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