Hopein2015's Story - Declining hCG Levels - Heartbeat Found

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Hopein2015's Story - Declining hCG Levels - Heartbeat Found

Postby Hopein2015 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:11 am

Drop in HCG - Misdiagnosed Miscarriage
By Hopein2015

I have spent hours searching & reading other people's posts over the years, but really felt this is a story worth sharing...
I have had four previous miscarriages, spanning from 5 weeks to 8 weeks. My fifth pregnancy came at a time I was readying myself for fertility treatment - totally surprising & totally natural.
My specialist was vigilant & ordered blood tests every 4 days, for which I was relieved to have the frequent affirmation everything was tracking well. For the first two weeks, HCG was tracking well - however 4 weeks past ovulation date - I felt different. No cramping as I had felt previously and for the first time in weeks I slept soundly for 9hrs straight. I felt something was wrong & whilst the specialist had pushed out blood tests to weekly, I went in earlier. Blood tests revealed my HCG had increased by less than 10, rather than the 1000's I had experienced earlier. I was told the pregnancy was not viable. I was incredibly disappointed, as was my husband but we had been through this before & when you have had recurring miscarriages, you know not to get your hopes up too much.
The following week, my HCG had dropped considerably & I was advised the pregnancy was definitely not viable. My specialist discussed options and was pushing for a D&C - as she hoped to remove tissue samples for further research. The timing was difficult given impending Christmas & the D&C was recommended within the week. I went for one last blood test to see what my HCG levels were doing to see if natural miscarriage was imminent. To my surprise - my HCG levels had risen by about 1000 again, not as high as they once had been but my progesterone was also elevated. I enquired to the reasoning behind this - however the nurse still advised that given my HCG levels were low compared to previous weeks, the pregnancy was still not viable & D&C was recommended. My specialist confirmed it was still consistent with miscarriage and booked me in for a D&C within days. Given I had been dealing with a fertility clinic & specialist - I assumed they would have seen cases like this before & took their word as gospel.
This morning, I received a call requesting me to go in for a last minute ultrasound to ensure the pregnancy was no ectopic before I went in for D&C the next day. I assured the ladies conducting the ultrasound I wasn't expecting to see anything - so not to worry about talking me through the scan. However, to my shock - there was an embryo and a healthy heartbeat (5weeks, 5days). I still can't believe it. I'm so glad they gave me pictures, as it all feels very surreal and I don't think my husband will believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. Whilst it's still early days - there is a living, breathing, new life inside me & I was one day away from a D&C.
The specialist is unable to confirm what is going on.. perhaps vanishing twin syndrome (something i learnt about only today), but I really just wanted to share my story. As this week I have gone from utter hopelessness to hope and elation. And this is living proof a drop in HCG does not mean miscarriage for everyone. Fingers crossed, as its still very early days, but I can sense this one is a fighter & fate has surely intervened - fifth time lucky??
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Re: Hopein2015's Story - Declining hCG Levels - Heartbeat Found

Postby Kay » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:14 pm

How exciting to find the heartbeat. Please, keep us updated. What have your hCG levels been. Higher is better. (((Hugs)))
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