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Kylie's Story - Given 99% Chance of Miscarriage in ER

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:12 pm
by Kay
I am so glad you started this site. I hope my story can help other people as well.
I was about 5 weeks pregnant & I started spotting (3 drops of blood or less total). I had no pain, but I called my obgyn's office that day (Sunday.) They told me to go to St Luke's emergency room. I hadn't seen my obgyn at that time yet, but I had an appointment set up for that Friday morning.
At the emergency room, they drew blood & my hormone levels came back normal for a pregnant lady. They then had me wheeled down in a hospital bed (I could walk, but they made me be wheeled) to get a sonogram. They did an internal sonogram & the lady had that wand in there digging around for about 30 minutes. It was not very comfortable & a little bit of dried blood came out on the wand. They found a sac, but they could not find a heartbeat or sign of a fetus. The doctor on call said that it is most likely (99% chance) that it is a blighted ovum due to my advanced maternal age (35.) He said that there was a very slight chance there is still a baby, but due to the size of the sac, it should have showed up by now. He said that the blighted ovum will either naturally miscarry or I would need to have a DNC. My boyfriend & I both went to our separate homes that night feeling horrible. We were not trying to get pregnant, but we were happy with our little surprise. After the blighted ovum scare, my boyfriend signed a job contract in another state. He has since moved.
Less than 5 days later, I went to my obgyn appt. they also did an internal sonogram & they found the heartbeat & baby in less than 5 seconds. I told them what had happened at the emergency room & they said that it happens all the time over there.
Going to the emergency room that night only gave me a lot of grief & hundreds of dollars of bills. It made me worry for 5 days. I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning reading about blighted ovums & what was going to happen to me. At work, I went back to working with nitrous oxide for 5 days because I figured that there was no hope. I work in a dental office. My boyfriend may have stayed here & not moved away if we had not have had that happen.
Moral to the 5 weeks, sometimes it is too early to tell. The doctor should know better & not tell you that it is almost positively a blighted ovum. They should not tell you to give up hope at that stage. I recently talked to another friend of mine & she had spotting at week 5 as well. Her obgyn told her it was sometimes normal to bleed a little because the egg could be implanting itself further in at that time. I wish I would have just talked to my friend instead of going over there. It just caused me a lot of heartbreak & money. I hope that my baby does not have any problems from the ultrasound tech digging around in there for so long.
Do not give up hope...especially this early on if you are in the same position. I don't know if it was the emergency room equipment or the technician, but something was not right. I am now 4.5 months along with my blighted ovum baby. I hope my baby doesn't end up paying for the misdiagnosis anymore than he or she already has. I hope that my story can give some hope to someone in the same situation so they don't have to go through what I did. Do not give up hope this early on. Get a second opinion!

Re: Kylie's Story - Given 99% Chance of Miscarriage in ER

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:13 pm
by Kay
Thank you so much for emailing your story to me. So many women are misdiagnosed in the ER. Those doctors just can't be experts in anything and, often, they are seeking a quick diagnosis. I do hope you keep us updated and congratulations!!!