Melissa's Story - Told Blighted Ovum at 6wks MISDIAGNOSED

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Melissa's Story - Told Blighted Ovum at 6wks MISDIAGNOSED

Postby Kay » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:56 pm

I came across your site back in November when I was told I most likely had a blighted ovum. I was 6 weeks and the doctors did not see anything on an ultrasound and naturally was devastated. When I got home I did all the research I could, finding your site. Because of your site I decided to delay my follow up ultrasound at the doctor, they had wanted me to come back 2 days later. I postponed 3 weeks. I of course was worried but figured if there was a baby or not, why not wait until we could be 100% sure instead of having same possible uncertainties 2 days later. Sure enough at 9 weeks there was most definitely a baby, and months later he is sitting next to me as a write this! He ended up being right on time etc. but at that stage did not show up on any ultrasound even transvaginal. So thank you for your site and if my story can help anyone in their decision to postpone a D&C and motivate a seemingly hopeless situation my job is done!
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and why I just believe a blighted ovum should NOT be diagnosed before nine weeks at the earliest and the UK's new guidelines support this

This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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