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Anie's Story - told Miscarriage, Took Misoprostol. HB Found!!!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:04 am
by Anie01
I found out I was pregnant on July 24. My partner and I were thrilled! We had wanted this baby, and we spent the next weekend talking non-stop about baby-related subjects. We spent four days being excited, and then I started spotting.

I spent five hours in the ER, got an ultrasound and my blood taken. I was not as far along as I had hoped, just five weeks and four days, but my numbers all looked great. There just wasn't an obvious reason for the bleed. I was advised to get another ultrasound and my HCG levels taken in 48 hours. 49 hours later, the OB took a swift look at my ultrasound and immediately said it didn't look good. There had been no growth, and there was no fetal pole or heartbeat. She quickly went into my options, stressing that waiting to miscarry completely naturally meant an added risk of infection. I chose medicated assistance. I was to return in seven days to make sure there was nothing left.

The misoprostol upset my stomach to no end, but didn't induce any cramps. I laid in bed and tried to think positively, but I mostly just wanted to cry. I didn't want to be there, doing that. I knew it was early, and we had gotten pregnant pretty easily, so we could try again right away. I just wanted to be done with this pregnancy and move on.

A couple of days passed, and I felt as tired (and frankly, constipated) as I ever had been. Being pregnant had felt like being hit by a truck, and being diagnosed with a miscarriage was like being dragged behind that truck. I hated everything about this. I was even starting to feel nauseous, on and off. I dwelt on that appointment. It had been over so quickly, and my body wasn't going into "flush" mode very enthusiastically. Tentatively, I started to look around different forums and found this website. And I started to think, what if I'm still pregnant?

I resumed my vitamins. I didn't take the second dose of misoprostol. And I was back in the office seven days later, with a tiny, tiny flicker of hope. This website was a huge help. I heard over and over-- five weeks was too early to doom a pregnancy. Two days between appointments, especially with ultrasounds being taken by different people, was not enough time.

"You are an anomaly." That was the first sentence she said. There was my little peanut. Heartbeat and everything. I'm sure I came off emotionless in my response, but I simply wasn't surprised. I had known it. I was annoyed that this woman had flippantly doomed my baby, and prescribed medication designed to do so. I was so tired from being pregnant. I was totally vindicated because I had known. And all of these emotions crashed together and I exited the office, ultrasound screengrabs in hand, as quickly as I could.

I am deeply grateful for all the strangers who helped me, on this website and others. Thank you, and good luck to anyone reading. Being misdiagnosed happens. I'm sure not often, but if you think there's a chance, well, give your baby that chance.

Re: Anie's Story - told Miscarriage, Took Misoprostol. HB Found!!!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:21 pm
by Kay
Oh my goodness! So glad to hear that Misoprostol doesn't always work. We've had other women given no hope and Misoprostol and their babies survived. You really need to file a complaint about that doctor. That was beyond irresponsible and I have no doubt other women have aborted perfectly viable babies because of her incompetence.

Congratulations and please keep us updated on you and your little one!

Re: Anie's Story - told Miscarriage, Took Misoprostol. HB Found!!!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:56 pm
by Anie01
Just had my 20-week ultrasound! It's a BOY! I knew it!

Yesterday he also learned exactly where my bladder was, he's been launching off of it all weekend. This baby is definitely going to be trouble! He proved at five weeks that he's a stubborn little fighter and he hasn't slacked off.

Re: Anie's Story - told Miscarriage, Took Misoprostol. HB Found!!!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:52 pm
by Kay
Thank you so much for the update!!! Congratulations to you. I tell you what, there is just something special about boys. Of course there is with girls as well :) but my son and I have a wonderful bond that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Thank you for coming back and letting us know. Updates are always appreciated :)