SoConfused's Story-Fetal pole seen, then not seen one week later

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SoConfused's Story-Fetal pole seen, then not seen one week later

Postby itsmesoconfused » Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:45 pm

I have definitely been misdiagnosed. I went in at what was supposed to be 6 wks they saw the start of a fetal pole & the sac. At 7 wks went back & they told me that they saw what they thought was blood that I was definitely miscarrying. The Dr tried to pressure me into getting a d&c they mentioned medically assisted miscarriage, going naturally & d&c I refused the d&c & meds because I believe that the body will naturally "expel" (for lack of a better word). So the Dr suggested d&c 3 times I refused 3 times. They rescheduled me for another wk where I would be 8 wks. The Dr (it was another Dr I went to a local clinic) looked at my file & asked if I had any bleeding which I said no because I hadn't. So the Dr said that she wanted another ultrasound done. The tech came in the same from my previous visits she did her thing told me to get dressed. I looked over her shoulder & I saw her pull up fetal heartbeat & she typed 170. I let out a little squeal. The tech left & I hear the Dr in the hallway scream that's terrific. She walks in & tells me "so that's why you had no bleeding there's a baby in there. Did you know there was a baby in there?" I said I had a feeling. I measured at 7 wks 1 day I was 6 days behind my original lmp due date. I am very happy that the Dr made a mistake. I am happy that I didn't take the meds & that I didn't do a d&c. I wish drs weren't so quick to get someone to remove a pregnancy that just may be viable. If I had listened to that 1st Dr I would've gotten rid of the best little (biggest) part of me.
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Re: SoConfused's Story-Fetal pole seen, then not seen one week later

Postby Kay » Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:14 pm

I am so glad you turned down that D&C. When doctors diagnose this quickly, I have no doubt they've taken viable babies before.

Please, keep us updated on you and congratulations!!!!
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