Chelle31 - Diagnosed Molar, Told to Have D&C - MISDIAGNOSED!

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Chelle31 - Diagnosed Molar, Told to Have D&C - MISDIAGNOSED!

Postby Chelle31 » Thu May 28, 2015 3:37 pm

Thanks Kay!

I found out that I was pregnant on April 4th, 2015 via home pregnancy test and immediately went to the hospital to confirm because I have experienced positive readings before but not actually being pregnant (confirmed chemical pregnancies). So I went and that is when the drama unfolded. I told the doctor in the ER that I knew that I was not further than 2-3 weeks along and I did not expect to see a fetus, but because my last menstrual was in January they did not believe me and indicated they had to put the information down. They were able to confirm via blood test my HcG levels and positive urine, but the best thing was going in for the ultrasound and seeing at least a gestational sac!

Fast forward to my doctor appointments weeks after with a local OB/Gyn that was close to my home and this is where things got tough. Due to my history with my third born child they were concerned that this pregnancy was not even a good idea, but because of our faith, my husband and I said we will move forward. For weeks they told me that I did not have a viable pregnancy despite steady rising HcG levels. They said after the second ultrasound and they could not see a fetal pole that there should be more that is visible or noticeable change within 2 weeks time. I never saw an ultrasound report from them, just went based off of the doctor's synopsis. The stress of not knowing what was going on is what led me to search for a site and forums which led me here.

Regardless, I got my hcg monitored for two additional weeks despite the doctor encouraging D&C or taking the Provera pill to end the pregnancy. They then began telling me it could be a molar pregnancy, but I had read on that and I did not have those characteristics. The doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I refused to do a D&C right away. Then they started saying I could have a growth that could become cancerous because NOTHING about my pregnancy was normal. After the last HcG test was done and it went from 37K to 44k, the doctor called me in and said we need to end this now, Michelle because this is odd and its not okay and we don't want to prolong this pregnancy any further. I asked her if the numbers rising could be a sign that maybe I am far enough along to see something and she flat out told me no and that my insurance would not pay for another ultrasound, plus they only need two ultrasounds to be diagnostic.

I told her I would not make any rush decisions, but she prompted me to come in that Thursday morning and have the D&C done there in the office. At this point, I was emotionally disturbed for weeks and started to doubt what I was feeling. I knew that I was no more than 5-6 weeks along and that maybe they were just rushing things. My husband said, if this is life threatening then maybe we should end it, but I support whatever you want to do. At that time, I decided I would have to get a second opinion because I thought the doctor's office was not telling me everything and trying to push me into making a decision without giving it adequate time or listening to me about how far along I was. Each week they said there was nothing in the gestational sac, one week they said they "thought" they saw a six week fetus and then the next ultrasound it was gone, it was just madness.

I went and got a second opinion and skipped the D&C appointment that I was supposed to go to that Thursday. I went in Friday May 8th,2015 and within minutes...there was my 9 week old baby! The baby was moving in the womb, heartbeat was strong and I was undoubtedly relieved!!!

The only thing that kept me going was God, prayer and reading the post from all the women in here that said their babies were discovered later. I read every post that I could each day to keep my faith strong and I am so grateful that I skipped that appointment. So for 8 weeks there was no baby that could be seen according to the OB/Gyn next to my house. All I keep thinking is that I would have aborted my child and never known had I not read that this was possible and that waiting it out is okay until you feel confident about the diagnosis.

I hope this helps another mom out there and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this community!

Michelle W.
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Re: Chelle31 - Diagnosed Molar, Told to Have D&C - MISDIAGNOSED!

Postby Kay » Thu May 28, 2015 6:07 pm

I am so glad you shared your story! I've seen this a number of times since sharing my site. It almost seem like doctors bully women who question the diagnosis and they don't like it. I don't know if that was the case here but we've had a number of women who were told they had a molar or ectopic pregnancy and then they ended up finding their babies. It's so important to stay closely monitored anytime molar or ectopic is mentioned but they are misdiagnosed as well.

I do hope you keep us updated. Your story is going to help so many women thank you for that!

And, congratulations!!!!
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