Cordabear - Lost Heartbeat, Found Again at 11wks Before D&C!

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Cordabear - Lost Heartbeat, Found Again at 11wks Before D&C!

Postby cordabear » Thu May 21, 2015 6:18 pm

I found out I was pregnant in March. I had my first appointment with a Nurse Practitioner at 8 week + 2 days. She did a Trans-vaginal ultrasound and found baby to have a healthy heartbeat and measuring right at 8 weeks. I had just experienced a miscarriage the prior Dec, so she told me to put my worries behind me, because miscarriage hardly ever happen twice and that we saw a heartbeat, so chance of miscarriage was low. Well 2 weeks later I felt like my symptoms decreased significantly, so I informed the Nurse Practitioner and she asked me to come in to look at the heartbeat to ease my worries. Well their office called and said I can see a doctor because the nurse had no openings. The doctor couldn't find the baby at all in a trans-vaginal ultrasound I would have been 10 weeks + 3 days, he could only find a Sac and no baby. He told he was very sorry that I had another miscarriage. He scheduled a D&C with me the following week. The whole week I grieved, but felt my body was telling me different. The night before the scheduled D&C I asked the doctor if I can get an ultrasound at the Radiology department, because I felt like I was still having some symptoms and no sign of miscarriage. He told me that they will most likely find what he did. He kept the D&C scheduled and scheduled me into ultrasound an hour before the procedure. The morning I went into ultrasound I would be at 11 weeks + 3 days, the tech used an abdominal sonogram, the baby was right there measuring 2 days ahead of schedule. I was in such disbelief and so absolutely relieved that I had asked for that scan! I saw a new doctor that afternoon who let me listen to the heartbeat and was so sorry I had to go through what I did. I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday. Don't ever give up hope! This site is what made me really believe that my baby still had a possibility of surviving.
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Re: Cordabear - Lost Heartbeat, Found Again at 11wks Before D&C!

Postby Kay » Sun May 24, 2015 5:28 pm

I am so glad you demanded that ultrasound! Congratulations! Mistakes happen and sometimes those little ones can really hide in there.

Thank you for sharing your story. You'll give women hope and thank you for that!

I do hope you keep us updated on you :)
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