Mommie48soon's Story -Told 2x to take Methotrexate -Twins Found!

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Mommie48soon's Story -Told 2x to take Methotrexate -Twins Found!

Postby mommie48soon » Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:48 am

Hello. I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with 6 children. After 6 years, not on BC, being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and other deficiencies-the correction in my chemistry permitted my body to conceive. Imagine my surprise thinking I have the flu and going to emergency room, only to be told, 'Were you aware that you are pregnant? '. That being said, while surprised, I was excited as was my hubby. The hcg quantitive done in the hospital came back as 447. I made a follow up with a brand new ob/gyn. Upon her entering the room, she immediately began telling me my hcg was too low to sustain a viable pregnancy. WHAT? Again, I've had 6. I have never had a doctor start a visitation off like this. Mind you, I hadn't done the baby dance in 10 months, so I know the exact day within 24 hours I conceived. This doctor tells me to come back in2 days to have hcg levels checked. (I found out I was pregnant, 8 days after the deed).... I go back in and then follow up to get results. At this point, doc says, ' well, I guess I was right because your levels are at 390.' I was saddened. What shocked me most was the next thing to come from her mouth- she said based on my medical history (none of which ever interfered with my pregnancies), my age (37), the fact that I already have 6, I should have my ovaries removed or just get a full on hysterectomy. Again, WHAT? Curious if this was something she would say to a 30 year old woman, I asked her. Then I Asked if it was common practice that before anything can even be seen, she assumes non viability? Her response was I was not being responsible with my body, health and for my future. Fast forward, 6 weeks(u/s performed). Hcg levels now at 1897. Slow rise but there, remember I have a thyroid issue. She then diagnosed a blighted ovum. I had never heard of it. She explained a fertilized egg stops developing. I asked so what do we do? She suggested methotrexate. I declined. 2 days later, hcg level plummeted and I bled. Just 16 days after the last day the bleeding stopped, I wasn't feeling well. Hubby in an attempt to cheer me up took me out and we came home for some lovin'. 7 days this time, I was still feeling pregnant. I survived breast cancer, I'm very aware of my breast. They were hurting and sore. I took an hpt. BFP+++, thinking this was remainder still, I go reluctantly go back to this ob's office. Hcg level check, she does a transvaginal u/s. Says there is only a gestational Sac, that I'm more than likely newly pregnant and again is a blighted ovum. I go in for all my hcg tests, the numbers are all over the place. They started off really high, then came down, then slowly rose. At what they could guess, 6 weeks, not only did I not have a blighted ovum, or losing the pregnancy or having a chemical pregnancy BUT there was an anomaly. She suggested again the medication to simulate expulsion. I switched doctors, 2 weeks later, the new ob gave me a lifelong wish come true. I was having twins. Even more miraculous was I am pregnant with identical twins. Gestational Sac was measuring a little large and first fetal pile they were able to find was on the small side. Explanation, they took a little longer to develop. I'm glad I went with my instincts. I filed a complaint for ethical practices being violated because if her own personal agenda against older women having children. Do NOT give up any type of hope until at least 9 weeks. Most abnormalities, defects resolved themselves. In today's society, doctors rather than have the patience, they are on auto pilot and suggest d&c or the drugs. Hcg is something to confirm pregnancy not viability. Mine on the chart looked like a Rollercoaster. Another thing I've looked into is that though rare but possible, hcg can start high, stay level then increase slowly. This doesn't mean no bean growing definitely. I'm now 6 months and very healthy, as well as my twin surprise miracles. Baby dust to ALL TTC! 8)O
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Re: Mommie48soon's Story -Told 2x to take Methotrexate -Twins Found!

Postby Kay » Wed May 06, 2015 1:55 pm

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

So, I have to ask, did you conceive again or were you pregnant the entire time?

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Re: Mommie48soon's Story -Told 2x to take Methotrexate -Twins Found!

Postby Nrod77 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:16 pm

This story brought tears to me eyes. Praying for a miracle outcome like yours!
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