Karlita's Story: Diagnosed Blighted OVUM at ER - MISDIAGNOSED

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Karlita's Story: Diagnosed Blighted OVUM at ER - MISDIAGNOSED

Postby Karlitasway » Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:24 pm

Hello I new am to the blog but found comfort from many stories to keep me hopeful. So I will now share my story to hopefully inspirer others not to give up. My husband and I were delighted to find out I was pregnant this year around January of 2015 I am 27 years old. Went to first prenatal appointment all was good ultrasound showed sac but no embryo or fetal pole yet still doc said to early to tell no worries. My HCG levels were at 2900 from 521 so they estimated about 5 weeks 4 days doc said everything on track. As the week progressed I was getting severe morning sickness more so than previous which lasted all day and I could not hold anything down.

My husband being so worried forced me to go to the emergency room because I was looking dehydrated. The night my world came down....doctor said yes you need fluids yes you have hyperemesis gravidarum when morning sickness that becomes so severe that a woman persistently vomits several times a day, loses weight, and becomes dehydrated or at risk for dehydration well that was me. Doctor said he was going to order an ultra sound to make sure all was ok which made us nervous, but somewhat excited to see if we were having twins cause my HCG levels were very high and they run in my family. E/R doc informed us my HCG levels were now at 89000.00 doubled from my last regular doctor visit at 2900 so we were happy. He put us at 6 1/2 weeks pregnant now. Then E/R transvaginal ultra sound showed gest/sac only with no embryo or fetal pole or yoke my husband even saw the blank space but the tech would not say anything so we knew something was not right. Doc came back and said he had bad news said we had a belighted ovum better know as anatomical pregnancy. He said the doctor that reads the UTS came back with this diagnosis. He was sorry but prepare for a misscarrage or a DC. My husband and I were in total shock how could this be.. my hcg levels were still rising I was still expericing morning sickness. He said UTS only shows anembyronic fluid he said most likely the chromosomes rejected eachother. He said the UTS doc said it's just a mass of fluid that did not develope into a embryo. He said no way there was anything there and the morning sickness is still common with a belighted ovum cause the placenta is still growing. My husband asked him could we be off on our dates but he replied that he took that into consideration as well, but my HCG numbers were to high to support that idea. We left the hospital and I was in tears......with a paper diagnosed benighted ovum and not to rule out ectopic pregnancy and a comment from the E/R nurse sorry for your loss I was just sick and depressed. Two days later I followed up with the clinic to prepare for the worst. My midwife nurse said she agreed with the hospital diginosis from the paper stand point but was confused by my HCG levels and morning sickness symptoms. She said lets take one more blood test and wait for the results if the hcg levels were declining then I was due for the MC and if they rise then a possible molar pregnancy but she was not sure and just kept saying this is strange. We left the office by her saying sorry for your loss and told my husband to support my emotions...

The next day she called and sounded real confused said my numbers were still doubling I was now at 130,000 and she wanted to see me Monday for another UTS, but that got moved to Thursday today February 12, 2015. The wait was horrible not knowing what's going on it took an emotional toll on us, I mean how can we wait this long if I lost my unborn child what should I do. Well today we went in and they did the UTS outside the stomach which had never showed anything anyways so I expected the transvanignal. As I watched my husbands expression I had no clue what the heck he was seeing or thinking, I only saw him put his hands on his face so that was no help! but I knew he was seeing something. The UTS tech then turned the screen over and said there's your baby and its heart beat :) I almost passed out and I am sure my husband was right behind me but there was the baby's heart beat 151 bpm B) it measured 7 weeks pregnant. I still remember the E/R said no way there's a baby at all MC or DC.... time took its course reading all the stories late at night while we sat in bed and wondered could this be us could we be blessed. But reading other post that said with today's techonolgy its rearly wrong but the success stories on this sight gave us hope. Dont give up and always get a second opinion. My best to all.....
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Re: Karlita's Story: Diagnosed Blighted OVUM at ER - MISDIAGNOSED

Postby Kay » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:16 am

Far too many viable pregnancies are misdiagnosed at the ER. I even wrote a blog post about it this last year: http://misdiagnosedmiscarriagemusings.b ... -real.html

You should not have been diagnosed so early. I am so sorry they put you through that but I am so glad this has a happy ending! Congratulations.
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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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