Trish's Story- Told to Have D&C the Next Day-Didn't - BABY FOUND

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Trish's Story- Told to Have D&C the Next Day-Didn't - BABY FOUND

Postby Trish2015 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:51 pm

So here's my story.

I have lupus, lymphocytic thyroiditis, sjogrens and RA, I made some major sacrifices to try and conceive. I've been off all my Meds for 10 months and its been rough!

I have a beautiful daughter about to turn 6 who was conceived from donor sperm. I was single and loved every minute of having her and the experience all to myself! She was born with neonatal lupus and some health challenges but is doing awesome! I always thought I'd adopt my next little one but I'm recently married (to my high school sweetheart from 20 years ago) , So I changed my mind in the romance of it all and i wanted to try and conceive with my hubby.

We had a chemical or early loss in November- hpts went negative a week after positive.

So when I got a faint positive dollar store test at 8 dpo I was excited but understandably cautious.

Keep in mind I have a 24 day cycle and a 10 day luteal phase and I may have ovulated early by a day or two.

Even still . . . These numbers are a bit outrageous for a singleton.

So my hcg was doubling daily, it went from 131 at 12 dpo/ cd 26 (3 weeks 5 days) to over 10,008 at 20 dpo/cd 34 (4 weeks, 6 days). (Cd29/15dpo 776, cd 31/17 dpo 2578)

I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and showed 10 mm sac and small yolk sac. I was told by the ob it was non viable and he wanted to schedule me for a DNC the next morning at 9 am. He said with hcg that high (3 days past the 10,008 beta) a heartbeat would always be seen. He explained it could take weeks to miscarry naturally and because time was of the essence (being off my Meds to TTC) that this was my best option. My husband was offended by his bluntness and we left abruptly.

I saw a high risk ob today (almost one week later at 5 weeks 6 days) and explained the above to him. He said hcg is a wild card. We don't know anything about why some women produce more and double faster than others. He said there is no way an intrauterine pregnancy with rising hcg can be deemed non-viable before 7-8 weeks - end of story. He also explained the equipment, sonographer, and placement of the implantation hugely impact what's visible on ultrasound.

he said come back in 2 weeks and we will assess viability. That he wasnt drawing any hcg because ultrasound is supreme . But I begged him for an ultrasound today , he insisted even if nothing was there (baby, hb, fetal pole) it was meaningless for 1-2 weeks and he didn't want to cause me further anxiety. I said I haven't slept in a week! Pllllleeeeeaaaasssseee just take a peek!

Baby was found at 5 weeks 6 days, heartbeat perfect, measuring perfect, and on abdominal ultrasound!

So all the sacrifices to conceive and the first ob was ready to kill my baby because of hcg levels!

This has to stop! Obgyns need to stop relying so heavily on hcg in very early pregnancy to assess viability. I want to call his office and scream but I'm just too overjoyed to look back!

Today is a blessed day, my 6 year old is prancing around clutching an ultrasound photo that is marked by the sonographer with the phrase "baby's first photo, for my big sister"

So there is my misdiagnosed miscarriage story, although it was never anywhere near a miscarriage at all!

God bless all you ladies out there! Stay strong!



Ps I asked about high hcg and downs ad he said beta hcg and free hcg aren't the same thing and what's going on now with my hcg is irrelevant to the 12 week screen.

Here is a great source for assessing viability in early pregnancy that relies solely on ultrasound findings.

This specifically addresses miscarriage or failed early pregnancy
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Re: Trish's Story- Told to Have D&C the Next Day-Didn't - BABY FOUND

Postby Kay » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:10 am

Oh my goodness, that first doctor just needs to be reported. I've no doubt far too many pregnancies have been ended prematurely at his hands.

I'd even argue a bit with the second doctor. A pregnancy that is progressing and with no complications should not be diagnosed before nine weeks. Too many babies would be lost if the cut off was seven or eight weeks.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations!
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