Shawn's Story - Spotting, D&C Scheduled. Baby Found!

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Shawn's Story - Spotting, D&C Scheduled. Baby Found!

Postby Shawn » Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:16 am

Hi - I hope this is the correct space to post my story.

In 1997 I was pregnant. Early on - perhaps 7 weeks - I spotted a bit. My doctor confirmed my fear and shared that it appeared I had miscarried. The plan was then to simply let nature take its course after an ultrasound showed an empty sac and a placenta. Also, if I didn't miscarry the placenta (which I was told sometimes continue to simply grow thus causing the rise in hormones) in a few weeks I would need a D&C. A few weeks later I still hadn't fully miscarried and visited a hospital to have another, more thorough ultrasound. After some time the doctor proclaimed that my 'roller coaster ride was over because I absolutely was not pregnant'. Sadly, I scheduled a D&C. A few days later I was informed that the hospital my doctor worked out of was not covered by my health insurance. This upset me terribly as I felt I had already been through so much and was simply ready for it all to be over. I had no choice but to find another doctor. Perhaps a week later I visited my new doctor's office. He insisted on performing yet another ultrasound. I resisted not wanting to see the sad little empty sac again. But, he persisted and a few minutes later, to my utter amazement, showed me my daughter Noura's heartbeat. She is so lucky to be alive - all due to the pathetic state of American health insurance - and the mistakes of practitioners. My daughter's twin had been miscarried early on - but no one saw the other fetus. How often has this happened?! The internet was nothing like it is now back in 1997 - I am thankful you have created this site and am sad that this is still an issue. So good to get the word out!
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Re: Shawn's Story - Spotting, D&C Scheduled. Baby Found!

Postby Kay » Wed Dec 24, 2014 12:33 pm

I am so glad you shared your story. The issues you faced more than a decade and a half ago are still common today! Sadly, very little has changed. Your story will give so many women hope and I am so glad you shared it.

I know sometimes I just get so overwhelmed looking at my daughter and wonder what if they had taken her?

Thank you again!
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