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Aedrw's Story - Misdiagnosed in the ER and Turned down D&C

PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:14 pm
by Aedrw
It's long
I'd like to share my story because without you guys I might have caved and given up hope. I went to the emergency room with my mom, with severe stomach pains (i had been diagnosed with IBS about a year ago). I found out that I was pregnant about a week before my trip to the ER so I was aware. When I was admitted I informed the doctors and nurse that i was pregnant but I was here for my stomach issues, as I was not able to keep down food or liquid. I stayed in the emergency room for hours hooked up to an iv delivering fluids, my blood was also taken numerous time to run test. At some point an OBGYN came around and said she wanted to perform an ultrasound on me. She took me to an old room in the back and I was asked my LMP. It was a vaginal ultrasound so it was very uncomfortable and she had a hard time finding the sac and when she did she called another nurse in, they said they only saw a sac and that it was empty despite seeing high HCG levels from the blood test that they ran. They both had sad looks on their face even though one said it was possible that the machine was old and not showing a good image. Back in the ER I asked the primary nurse who was taking care of me how far along did the blood test indicate and she said 4 to 5 weeks. My mother comforted luckily that everything was going to be ok. At some point i fell asleep and I remember a new nurse coming by and yelling about my chart. My mother said that she was upset that they were giving me regular fluid when they knew I was pregnant and needed nutrients too. They found out that I was suffering from a bout of pancreatitis so I was admitted on no food IV fluid only. While I was admitted they drew blood to monitor me, on the second day I noticed the Nurse Practitioner kept popping her head into my room, and It wasnt till after my mother left to get ice that she came in the room. She came in to tell me that I had a mis miscarriage/abortion and that my HCG levels had not doubled, she advised that I get a D & C I burst into tears and at this moment my mom came back the NP said she would come back later. Some hours later 2 nurses from the OBGYN department came to talk to me about the same thing, they asked would I like to speak alone and I said no. They repeated the samethings but in a nicer tone, trying to be very sweet. I told them no if it was a miscarriage then I would let it happen naturally and that it was to early to know. They nodded and left my room. Later that night I was visited by the doctor, again she told me that my levels did not rise (I came in at 9000 and the levels were still in the 9000's ) she told me the risk of carrying miscarriage inside my body. I was so devastated by the end of the night but my mother stayed positive she said it was too early at 4 to 5 weeks it was to early. I went online scouring the web on my ipad for stories and I found you guys and a few more. They stopped monitoring my levels and at the end of the week when I was discharged they told me to come back (I wasnt). I read some hopeful stories and some not. From day to day my confidence changed but I tried to stay positive. My mother told me to schedule my appointment at 11 weeks or later, she said in her day they never looked for the baby that early. The day of my appointment I was close to breaking down (what if they saw an empty sac?), and it wasnt until the doctor told me to look at your baby (I was looking away from the screen during the ultrasound) that I could breathe a sigh of release :H . My baby was measuring at 10+weeks 150 bpm. I admit I'm still scared I'm 13 weeks now and I freak about any little twitch, I frequent the bathroom and swipe if I feel any moisture or discharge checking for bleeding. I worry but I try my hardest to be positive, they definitely put a damper on my pregnancy. Through the positive stories I read and the love from my family Ive been able to survive. Please wait before you take action to get a miscarriage.


PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:30 pm
by Aedrw
Also I'd like to mention I'm 24 years old this is my first time getting pregnant.
I believe that you should wait if possible until your 11 weeks plus before having an ultrasound. I also advise against getting a transvaginal ultrasound during your pregnancy, I bled slightly after and did so twice after (very light orange bleeding) twice in the time period btwn my hospital visit and my first ultrasound. My mother said this method is new and that all of her ultrasounds were the non invasive type. Dont put to much stock into HCG levels. I cant tell how many times I searched "5 weeks pregnant HCG levels not doubling" the fact that they saw only a sac and my levels barely rose scared the crap out of me. I believe that what you consume and your mindset effect your HCG levels. I was sick two days before the hospital, and was unable to eat or drink up until my last day in the hospital. I was on IV fluid and they didnt always give me the bag with nutrients. My levels barely rose (HCG 9000 to 9000 and something they did not say) while I was in hospital under stress and not eating. After I was discharged I took prenatal everyday. My levels are normal now. These are my personal beliefs, just wanted to say stay positive pray if not to god, to yourself, to your baby, to someone who has your best interest at heart.

Re: Aedrw's Story - Misdiagnosed in the ER and Turned down D&C

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:22 pm
by Kay
So many women end up misdiagnosed in the ER. I can't even count the number of women who have had this happen. I'm so sorry they scared you. ER doctors are wonderful but they work crazy hours and, I think, that is just one of the most difficult jobs. So, glad you got good news and thank you for sharing your story. I know yours is one that will help so many women.