Vera's Story - Apotting, Cramping and Slow Rising hCG Levels

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Vera's Story - Apotting, Cramping and Slow Rising hCG Levels

Postby Vera » Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:35 am

I joined this forum today because I remember visiting here over a year ago, when I was desperately searching for some hope. I'd like to share my story now. In June of 2013 I found out that I was pregnant. This pregnancy happened during the cycle following a miscarriage, so it was difficult for me to feel positive and excited. I was worried that I would lose this one as well. My wonderful doctor saw how anxious I was, and ordered me a couple of HCG tests so we could track my early doubling times. On June 10th (16dpo), I scored a 711. This number is decent by itself, but paired up with the 977 two days later, this meant a nearly 5 day doubling time. This was twice as long as what I was told was normal. When my doctor called me to tell me the results, I asked her what she thought of this. All she could say was "I don't know." I remember mention of possible ectopic pregnancy being made. She scheduled me for another HCG in one week. No one ever flat out told me that I was having a miscarriage, but I was not exactly given any words of optimism either. It was like pregnancy limbo.

The next week was hell. I began spotting and cramping, and it was looking as though I was going to miscarry on Father's Day, right after miscarrying on Mother's Day the month prior. By the end of the week, I was dreading that HCG test. I didn't even want to pick up the phone when it rang, but I was pleasantly surprised with an HCG of 7432. And two weeks after that it jumped up to a whopping 75595. My bleeding had stopped, and I was well past the point of needing any more HCG tests. I was amazed, but still feeling cautious. The rest of the pregnancy was difficult, as I was very sick throughout most of it. It ended with a 3 lb preemie bundle of joy who needed a stay in the NICU. That in itself is a whole other story. Thankfully he's in great health now.

He's the baby that doesn't follow the rules. Not only did he not have properly doubling HCG's as a fetus, but he is also not following a typical curve on the infant growth charts. After some testing, we were told it's nothing to worry about, and this is just how he's going to grow. It'll be his first birthday soon, which reminded me of how his story began, and of the forum I read through during that difficult pregnancy. Now maybe my little guy being here healthy and happy for his first birthday can bring someone else out there some hope.
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Re: Vera's Story - Apotting, Cramping and Slow Rising hCG Levels

Postby Kay » Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:15 am

I am so glad you shared your story and a very belated congratulations!

So many women bleed or spot and when you bleed or spot, hCG levels often will plateau or even drop even in viable pregnancies. You'll give quite a few women hope and I thank you for that!

Congratulations again and don't worry too much about following a schedule. Both my kiddos were so very different and they are both just fine :)
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