Arnye89's Story-Told Miscarriage at 8 Weeks-TWO HEARTBEATS FOUND

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Arnye89's Story-Told Miscarriage at 8 Weeks-TWO HEARTBEATS FOUND

Postby Arnye89 » Sat Sep 20, 2014 10:59 am

I went to the OB on September 8th, for our first prenatal appointment and I should have been 8 weeks by that day. Everything was fine as I gave her exact dates, July 13 was when my lmp started, Aug 7 was my first positive pregnancy test, took another 4 the following several weeks, etc. Then we did the ultrasound. They said they'll do a quick 5 minute ultrasound to verify the pregnancy and we'd be on our way. The doctor looked around and couldn't find anything. Just looked empty. They sent me over to another room where the ultrasound was bigger and still nothing. Empty. The tech just kept apologizing and I was crushed, heartbroken. I didn't understand and they sent us to the doctors office.

We waited. I cried. They must know what they're talking about because they're doctors and it specializes in infertility, right? How was I to know better, this was our first pregnancy, literally our first try and I got pregnant. I still felt pregnant though, nauseous every morning, boobs hurting. The doc prefaced it with 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage blah blah blah but I didn't hear her. She said there was nothing just an empty gestational sac and gave me my 3 dreaded options. Natural, medicine, or surgery. I was in a blur, i just said the medicine so I could just go home and grieve. So I could pray that my body would figure it out and miscarry naturally and if not I had a backup.

I did bloodwork before leaving and got the results the next day. My hcg levels were 30,000 but they wouldn't tell me what that meant and asked me again if I was going to take the cytotec or not, I said I'd wait so they asked for me to come in for blood work again to make sure my levels start dropping. I asked about the possibility of a tubal pregnancy and they said it wasn't possible since they saw a yolk sac in the ultrasound but no fetal pole or heartbeat. What....They never told me they saw a sac. But they were adamant I miscarried. I decided to go in the next Monday the 15th. That whole week I still felt pregnant, I even threw up in the dr office bathroom before my labs that next Monday! I got the results that evening my levels were the same, 30,000. I was crushed, sad, felt like it was true, no hope.

I thought about it, prayed, wondering what I should do if I should take the meds but I still felt pregnant! I decided I needed a second opinion, I wanted another ultrasound just to be sure. My mom had a history of a tilted uterus, my husband said I still looked pregnant and didn't believe I miscarried. I had no signs AT ALL of miscarrying! Not one spot of blood. I called several doctors but no one could get me in for another 2 weeks minimum and I was afraid of infection if I had. I called my original doctor who I never wanted to deal with again because how things we handled, begging for a second ultrasound and I was denied. She said if I didn't start bleeding nothing would have changed.i cried in frustration. How cold can a doctor be???

I called every urgent care asking if they had an ultrasound but no. Finally, yesterday, Friday the 19th I broke down and went to the ER. I just wanted to know. I had to know and they were the only ones that could tell me ASAP. We waited, 4.5 hours, busy day. They took my vitals. They did both a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound but wouldn't let me see or tell me the results as only a doctor can do that in the ER. They took 5 vials of blood. Finally, I was given a room and the nurse came in. He said my hcg levels came in at 35,000. They went up???? I told him the weeks prior they were 30,000, and he said well that is always promising but I don't want to give you false hope. So we waited for the doctor.

The doc finally came in and said both the radiologist and an OB looked at my ultrasounds and it was definitely an abnormal pregnancy, but they saw two fetuses and two heartbeats!!!!!! They said it doesn't look like they have formed to 10 weeks like they should be, they aren't normally how twins look either and not to be surprised if I spontaneously miscarry, but there's a possibility they can survive, they're in the uterus where they're supposed to be and they have heartbeats!!!!! I was thrilled, I knew I was still pregnant, my boobs have been hurting worse than before.

Yes, there's a possibility I can still lose them but they are there and they are alive! Two miracle babies with heartbeats right now. Don't give up, don't lose hope. Go with your intuition.
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Re: Arnye89's Story-Told Miscarriage at 8 Weeks-TWO HEARTBEATS FOUND

Postby Kay » Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:30 pm

What a time of this you have had and what terrible doctors! I am so sorry.

Praying those two heartbeats stay strong. Have they monitored your progesterone?

Please, keep us updated on you! Women will definitely want to hear how this is progressing.
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