Positivity's Story - 7.5 weeks no baby just gestational sac and yolk sac

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Positivity's Story - 7.5 weeks no baby just gestational sac and yolk sac

Postby positivity » Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:33 am

Just wanted to share my experience as I’ve had a ten day wait for news and these forums really helped me. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of August and according to dates, should have been 7.5 weeks at my first vaginal ultrasound scan so was excited to see the baby. However, I got quite a shock when the Dr told me there was no baby to be seen, only a yolk sac and gestational sac! I came home, cried, read a lot on the internet and resigned myself to the fact that it was likely to be a blighted ovum/missed miscarriage, or if I was lucky then it might be OK if I’d got my dates wrong (which I knew I hadn’t as I wrote down my period dates as well as had an ovulation test kit!) The next ten days were spent waiting to go back to the Drs and not being able to confide in friends as we wanted to keep it to ourselves til the 12 week mark. Today was my second appointment and I’m relieved to say there was a baby and heartbeat there!! So please please if you’re in a similar situation, don’t give up hope. It’s hard to know exactly when you conceived and when exactly the egg implanted, plus sperm can survive for days in the body before conception, so even if you’re positive about dates, it’s still tricky to know for certain. I hope this helps other people in the same situation as I know reading other people’s positive experiences helped me enormously not to give up hope.
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Re: 7.5 weeks no baby just gestational sac and yolk sac

Postby Kay » Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:10 pm

Congratulations! We really like to get the word out though that a blighted ovum should not be diagnosed before nine weeks. There are just too many reasons a baby might not be seen (i.e. retroverted uterus, dates, etc...). You were just too early. Once a yolk sac is visualized, the doctor should wait a week to verify because many times the baby may just be too small to be seen yet which was the case for you. Your doctor really should have reassured you more so you wouldn't have worried so.

Thank you so much for the update and moving you to the Misdiagnosed Stories forum :) I hope you keep us updated on your pregnancy.
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