Michelle's Story - Baby Disappeared, MISDIAGNOSED MISCARRIAGE

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Michelle's Story - Baby Disappeared, MISDIAGNOSED MISCARRIAGE

Postby Mom2BeMichelle » Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:02 pm

I had a mm/c in November 2013. After a D&C and months of recovery, I was sent to the RE in my OB's office. In June, I was on a round of clomid and took a trigger shot on 6/21/14. We found out on 7/3/14 that I was pg. At 6w, on 7/17/14 I had some spotting and went in for an u/s on 7/18. The RE said he saw what he believed to be a heartbeat and thought that maybe I just spot around 6w since it happened last time. He wanted me to come in again in 5 days. I went in on 7/23/14 and there was a baby but it was measuring a week behind. He said I was m/c'ing and put it in the notes. I went back on 7/29/14 for another scan and there was absolutely nothing on the screen. He said I had a mm/c again and I refused a D&C. It was too much of a recovery process last time, we had summer vacation plans the following day for a week so I said I wanted my body to do its thing. He said to call in a week if bleeding had not started. I called the following week to report that nothing had happened and he had me come in that Friday when we returned. I went in on 8/8/14 and what do you know....a baby measuring 8w2d with a heartbeat who was wiggling around! I had been praying for this and had at least 100 others keeping us in their prayers. Never did I think this was what the appointment would bring.
I had found this website while I was waiting between u/s but thought that there was no way I could have the same story. I go back again this Friday for another u/s but all of my symptoms are still around (I feel awful!!!!) so I'm hopeful that things are looking good.
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Re: Michelle's Story - Baby Disappeared, MISDIAGNOSED MISCARRIAGE

Postby Kay » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:46 pm

I am so glad you shared your story. After years on this site, I know that errors definitely happen with ultrasounds. One tech can get one measurement and the same day another tech can get another completely different measurements. Doctors seem to make the most mistakes when they perform their own ultrasounds.

I hope you update and congratulations!
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Re: Michelle's Story - Baby Disappeared, MISDIAGNOSED MISCARRIAGE

Postby Boymom77 » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:16 pm

Wow, what an amazing story. You give me hope though I have to admit that hope ebbs and flows.

I pray that I have the same outcome. My story has been a nightmare from the start. I got a + test at 8 dpo, went for a beta at 10 dpo and it was 3. I thought great another chemical as I had had one the previous cycle. My tests did seem to get darker but not by much so I stopped my progesterone. Nothing happened for 5 days but my temps were falling. On 15 dpo what I thought was my period started. It lasted 3 days the I had spotting for 2-3 more days. I didn't test during this time even though the test on the first day of my bleeding was definitely darker. Around what would have been CD 6, my temps were in pre ovulation range and I felt like I was gearing up to O but I'm a very late ovulater so I thought this was strange but decided to get some OPKs just in case. I'm not sure what compelled me to pick up only 1 cheapie walmart test too but I did. When I got home figure why not and took the pregnancy test. It was blaring positive, like you could see it across the room. I was in complete shock but figure my body was just taking it's time to get rid of the hcg. The next day my temp went up so I took another test and the line was darker than the control and a conception indicator test read 2-3 weeks. I went for a beta that afternoon and it was 504 (23 dpo) and two days later it double to 1107. I was scared this was really low. My OB booked me for a scan the following Monday at 28 dpo or 6 weeks. I was not expecting to see a sac, baby, and a flickering heartbeat. She guessed that I was about 5.5 weeks since she couldn't get a good measure. I was floored and extremely happy. I was still having off and on bleed and though my OB didn't say, I suspected the bleeding was coming from a SCH. I had one with #4 but never bled.
I was to come back in 2 weeks for a follow up scan. During this time I was still spotting off and on but it was all brown until a 7w, 5d when it turned red but was still minimal. I was doing self imposed pelvic rest and laying down/drinking tons of water. My follow up scan was at 8w, 4d this past Friday and it reveal an empty sac and another spot that looked like a cluster. My OB sent me straight to the hospital so they could rule out a molar pregnancy. The hospital scan revealed an empty sac and a SCH which I already figured I had. I had blood draw and I'm still waiting for those results. After my second scan at the hospital on Friday the weirdest thing happened. My spotting just stopped. Nothing since. My OB said Friday that I would probably start miscarrying over the weekend but it's been the complete opposite. I finally have symptoms now. It's just weird.
I'm 99% sure that this story won't end well due to the fact that bleeding in pregnancy has never been a good thing for me. I've had 8 early losses, 1 stillbirth, and 4 boys. I've only had bleeding with my early losses. Plus I had 2 scans that showed an empty sac. I keep telling myself how can I argue with that.
But it's that 1% that keeps nagging me. I thought it was over weeks ago and somehow baby hung on through heavy bleeding. I haven't passed any clots or tissue since my initial bleed at 4 weeks and my cervix has remained closed. And though this hasn't been an issue with my others, I know I have a titled uterus.
I just don't know what to think. I'm do torn between just wanting to bleed already to end this nightmare I've been living for 7 weeks now and praying that my baby was just hiding somewhere. It's frustrating. Have any of you felt that way? I keeping reading the stories here and it fills me with joy knowing that so many of you had a happy ending. It strengthens my faith that God is good and answers prayers. I just feel deep down this prayer won't get answered but I hope that it does.

Thanks for letting me share. Michelle, I would love an update on how you and little one are doing. I pray that all is well.
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