Applejack's Story - I was told to prepare to miscarry...BUT

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Applejack's Story - I was told to prepare to miscarry...BUT

Postby Applejack » Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:48 pm

Hi! I am a 35 yr old mother of 4. I remarried last November and my husband has no children of his own. We decided to try for one together.

I had a Mirena (in for almost 5 yrs) removed in May. We decided not to try in June so my period could have a regular cycle. I typically have a 31 day cycle. My period started on July 1st. I started with opk strips on July 16th. I did not receive a positive for a few days and was becoming discouraged. :( FINALLY a got a blazing positive on the evening of the 19th. I felt ovulation on the morning of the 21st. I KNEW I ovulated late.

I decided to test on July 29th with a FRER test. I got a very faint BFP. I couldn't believe it! My husband was in shock and made me take about 6 more over the course of a few days. On each test the line became darker and darker. We were on cloud 9! B)

On the afternoon of the 15th of July, I started with some brown spotting and then actual brown blood. It scared us. I called the doctor. She told me to go to the hospital and have them check me out. The hospital did a pregnancy test. It was positive. They checked my cervix, it was tightly closed. I was in no pain. I had no red blood. I was not running a fever. They took a few vials of blood and then decided to send me for an ultrasound.

The sonographer did both a belly scan and an internal scan. She seemed puzzled. When I asked what was going on, she said, "you're measuring correctly but there's nothing in there. You have a gestational sac, but that's it." She was very blunt. I went numb. I told her that I knew I ovulated late. Could that be it? She told me to speak to the doctor.

They sent us back to the room. A doctor and nurse came in and immediately started telling us to prepare for a miscarriage. The doctor informed us that they were going to check my numbers and to have my blood redrawn on Monday morning. They then proceeded to hand us a packet on preparing for miscarriage and miscarriage. We felt devastated and hopeless. I felt like someone punched me in the heart. I dressed and left. :*(

The whole weekend was a big fog. Every time I wiped after using the bathroom I prepared myself to see blood. Every little twinge, every cramp sent a sickness through me. Is it starting?

First thing Monday morning I had my blood redrawn. I was sick to my stomach. I went home and tried to keep my mind busy. I knew the results would be in the next morning and it felt like an eternity.

Tuesday morning I called my doctor and left a message. The nurse called me and said that my numbers on Friday night around 11pm were 21,000 and my numbers Monday morning were over 36,000. She said the numbers seemed good, but if it were 21,000 on Friday night, they should have seen a baby if there were one. It crushed me. I asked for a follow-up ultrasound. They scheduled it for the 25th. The 10 day wait was TORTURE!!! We prayed and cried...a lot. :H :*(

My appointment was at 1:30. I had all morning to worry. I decided that I would leave it in God's hands. I walked in and laid down on the bed. As soon as she put the wand on my belly, I saw the little blob and the beautiful flicker of a heartbeat! I started sobbing. We have a baby and a strong heart beat of 148. The sonographer measured everything and determined I was correct. I did ovulate a week late and she changed my due date.

I want to offer some hope to other women out there. Please trust your gut instinct.
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Re: Applejack's Story - I was told to prepare to miscarry...BUT

Postby Kay » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:54 pm

I so wish doctors would stop scaring women. Yes, women bleed and miscarry and yet women have high hCG levels, no baby and go on to miscarry, BUT, on the flip side, women can bleed and have high hCG levels with no baby viewed and be just fine.

So glad you found your little one!
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