Geneaurora's Story - Low Heartbeat, then Bleeding - MISDIAGNOSED

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Geneaurora's Story - Low Heartbeat, then Bleeding - MISDIAGNOSED

Postby geneaurora » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:15 pm

The messages on this website gave me hope when I went through a hellish week of thinking a miscarried. They also gave me hope. I want to post my story to give hope to women who have been misdiagnosed.

At 6.3 weeks I went to my doctor for my first prenatal checkup. She examined me, did a transvaginal ultrasound and looked for a heartbeat. The baby's heartbeat was a little over a 100. She told me and husband that the this was a low fetal heart rate and chances of this pregnancy progressing may not be very good and that I should "be ready" for a miscarriage. The internal exam made me very uncomfortable and I started to cramp just after the vaginal ultrasound. About 24 hours later I started bleeding and I emailed her asking if it might be a miscarriage. She immediately told me that it was a miscarriage and that I should take ibuprofen / advil every 6 hours for the pain and wait for all the tissue to pass. Luckily, I did NOT take any medications because I an allergic to advil. 

The bleeding and cramping however stopped after a day and half. I had occasional spotting on and off. I assumed that a miscarriage was inevitable and I cried for 3 days thinking about the baby I never would have. The next week I emailed my doctor and she told me to come in to make sure that the miscarriage is complete and put me on drugs to induce the miscarriage or perform a D&C. I was in a lot of emotional pain and I wanted to get over with it ASAP. I could not wait for my appointment with her which was on a Friday. I booked an emergency appointment with a different doctor on Monday (a week after my first prenatal) and lo behold!! She confirmed that the baby was fine and healthy, measuring 7.4 weeks with a heartbeat of 160!! I couldn't believe it. That day, after the second transvaginal ultrasound I again had cramping and bleeding.

After doing some reading I found out that internal ultrasounds can causing bleeding and cramping in women. And my doctor conveniently forgot to mention that to me!! She automatically assumed that my bleeding was due to a miscarriage. Also turns out that 6.3 weeks is too early to measure heart rate and tell whether it is "normal" or not. Thankfully, I did not take advil /ibuprofen as my doctor suggested. She never should have suggested them in the first place (she has been my doctor for over two years, my medical history is with her and she should know that I am allergic to them). Not only that, these painkillers have the potential to cause birth defects when taken in first trimester (‪ ... th-defects).

Thinking back, I know my doctor never meant any willful harm, but she was careless and did go wrong on many accounts (prescribing drugs that can cause birth defects without confirming whether I had a miscarriage or not, not knowing what medicines I am allergic to, not educating me about bleeding / spotting after transvaginal ultrasounds). My suggestion is that doctors be more careful about what they tell their patients. To them we may be "just another patient" but we tend to trust them and and this is our first time. We haven't done this a 100 times before to know what's expected and what's not. We rely on them in especially vulnerable times like pregnancy and childbirth and the least they can do is educate us properly.
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Re: Geneaurora's Story - Low Heartbeat, then Bleeding - MISDIAGNOSED

Postby Kay » Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:29 am

Congratulations! Yes, so many women bleed during pregnancy. I bled so heavily with my first that I had to be rushed to the ER. My baby ended up being just fine. Ultrasounds, sex and even bowel movements can cause spotting and/or heavy bleeding. So glad everything ended up being just fine with you as well! Thank you for sharing your story!
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