SpiridC's Story - Diagnosed Ectopic - MISDIAGNOSED

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SpiridC's Story - Diagnosed Ectopic - MISDIAGNOSED

Postby SpiridC » Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:26 pm

I miscarried 4 months ago, and found myself coming to this site a lot for information and hope. I am now hoping to offer the same for other ladies who might find themselves in my current position.

Sadly back in April my story didn’t have a good ending – I found out at 8w that the embryo stopped developing at 6w. On 7/28, the day my period was due, I tested positive for pregnancy again. There was some concern though because I had been spotting for a solid 1.5 weeks prior to the positive PT. Typically implantation bleeding doesn’t last that long, so my doctors had some concern about a possible ectopic. They started monitoring my hcg on 7/31 (I was about 4w 3d at this point) and it came back 123. I got another draw 48 hrs later to find out it had gone down to 106. I was told it was not viable but they were unable to rule out ectopic. I got another draw another 48 hrs later to find out it went up to 136. This was a Friday afternoon and bc of the rising and falling levels, they were very concerned about ectopic at this point and made me go to the ER to get an U/S that night. The U/S could not pick up a pregnancy. My hcg since that morning had gone down to 116. One ER doc told me it was probably ectopic. Another said it probably wasn’t and was just too small to locate on an U/S (5w at this point). I asked for the Methotrexate shot bc they had gotten me very nervous about ectopic and I just wanted to eliminate the threat. Thankfully they refused to administer it and said they were just going to monitor my bloodwork for now. So 48 hrs later I got another draw and this time it had somewhat doubled to 230. I got another draw 48 hrs later to find out it doubled to 400ish. I started to get some arm pain (probably from the constant drawing of blood) so they rushed me for another U/S at almost 6w, to confirm it wasn’t ectopic. Thankfully they were able to find it in my uterus at this point, measuring 5w 4d, so ectopic was ruled out. My hcg levels had also doubled again to 800ish. Yet again they told me it was not viable and I should prepare to mc, and to come back in another week for a blood draw and U/S to confirm this. Fast forward 1 week (7w at this point), and my hcg had continued to double consistently to 5500. The U/S showed a hb of 140 and was measuring at 6w 2d! My doctor was in shock and honestly didn’t have much to say except I was still pregnant and I might have made a liar out of her. She scheduled another U/S approx. 2 weeks later, for my 8w appointment, and sure enough everything looks great! She said the hb seemed to be in the 150-160 range and I was measuring only a day behind, at 8w 2d. We are both (cautiously) optimistic at this point and she said if I just came in for my 8 wk appointment fresh off the street, she’d have no reason to think anything was wrong.

I just wanted to share this story bc I have seen stories about slowly rising or wonky hcg levels and doctor’s being quick to label it an ectopic and administer the Methotrexate shot before confirming on U/S. Thankfully my doctors were very conservative, for which I am most grateful. I also wanted to give possible hope to those ladies who might be having their hcg testing done early and not receiving the results they were hoping for; I can't tell you how many doctors and nurses told me I would mc and there was no hope. While I am still cautious, I am now hopeful and this all goes to show that outliers do exist!
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Re: SpiridC's Story - Diagnosed Ectopic - MISDIAGNOSED

Postby Kay » Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:58 pm

Oh my goodness, your story had me on the edge of my seat! What wonderful news! We have seen that pregnancies are misdiagnosed as ectopic. Such a tough call on what to do. Thank goodness your doctors had the good sense to wait it out.

Please, keep us updated. I know your story is going to help quite a few women. Thank you for that!
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