Slow-rising HCG's but Good News by EvanShanesMom01

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Slow-rising HCG's but Good News by EvanShanesMom01

Postby misdiagnosed » Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:01 pm

Originally posted by EvanShanesMom01 1/28/2005

I found out I was pregnant on 1/15/05. I went to my Dr. on 1/25/05, and I had an ultrasound. By the dates that I gave them I would have been 6 weeks. When they did the ultrasound they said that I measured to be only 5 weeks. She asked me if my dates could be off, and I told her that its possible because I just gave an estimate on my last period. A gestational sac was seen as well as a yolk sac, and on one of my overies she said I have a corpus lutum cyst, which she said was a good sign. She didnt see a baby or a heartbeat, and she said that it was normal this early. She also told me the same thing had happened to 2 other women prior to me that day, which was reassuring. After the ultrasound I seen my Dr. he is the same Dr. who delivered my son in 2001. He told me that he wanted to check my hcg levels. On 1/25 when i had them done they came back at 12,000. I went back into my Dr.s office on 1/27 and had blood drawn and they put it in as STAT, so I wouldnt have to wait on the results. I wasnt home when my Dr. called with the results so he left a message. He said that my levels are rising, but not as much as he'd like them to be. They only went up to 14,900. He said that there was no need to be alarmed right now, and that he wasnt. He said he wanted me to come in on Mon.1/31 to get another ultrasound and hcg levels done again. I am worried that I am going to lose this pregnancy...even though my Dr. thinks that things are to early right now and not to worry. I have been reading through this site for about 2 hours now. It is very interseting and very helpful. I would just like to hear from some ladies who were or are in the same situation and had everything turn out ok for them. Also, even though my hcg levels did not double is there still a chance it will be ok. Any advice is apprieciated. Thank You

Update posted by EvanShanesMom01 1/31/2005

I went to get my ultrasound today, and there was a baby and a heartbeat! I am so happy! The lady doing the ultrasould said it was about as big as a pencil led. Last Moday when I went I measured 5 weeks and today I measured 6 weeks 1 day. So everything is growing. I have to go back next Monday for another ultrasound because the heartrate was 105. She said that it was normal for it to be a little low this early. I seen my Dr. after the ultrasound and he said that things look good, and he is not going to bother doing another hcg level on me. I asked him why mine didnt double....he told me that not everyone has a text book pregnancy, and he has been doing this for 20 years and hcg levels dont always mean much. He is a great Dr. So this is just to give a little hope to anyone who is having trouble with hcg levels not doubling. Mine were 12000 and 48 hours later 14900, and I have a baby with a beating heart growing inside me now, and I also had no fetal pole seen a week ago. So dont give up hope! My Dr. said with everything growing and developing normaly that he thinks that all is well. I am so happy right now! I think that hcg levels can cause more stress than anything,,,at least in my situation it did. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

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Postby Notsure1 » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:59 pm

Thanks for that. I am experiencing this right now. No fetal pole seen on US for 2 wks straight and hcg of 20,000 and 22,000 48hrs later. My Dr. keeps saying miscarry but my body says something different.
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