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14.5 weeks pregnant / bleeding

Postby nc0920 » Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:47 pm

Last Monday I woke up to use the restroom and found that I was bleeding I'm not sure when it started, I went to the ER. I could only think that the worse had happened. I waited what seemed like an eterrnity to get an ultrasound and finally when they did it I got the best news of my life, THE BABY WAS O.K. the baby measured exactky where it should and the heart beat was strong and healthy. The doc said that the bleeding could have been caused by anything and said that it dosen't seem like I am miscarring!!!!!!!!!! I was put on bed rest and told to take it easy, I don't remember doing anything that sould have caused the blleding. I'm just greatful that the baby looks healthy.
I go back to the doc on 9/9 for a regular check up, I think that maybe this was just a fluke.
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Postby 4evamyangel » Fri Sep 02, 2005 2:03 pm

What a blessing!!!! Such wonderful news! So happy for you! All the best!
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Postby Mom In Waiting » Fri Sep 02, 2005 5:14 pm

:yay: :bananas: :cheer: That's such wonderful news!!! I am sure you are so relieved!!! Continue to take it easy and keep us posted, Cyndi :heart:
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Postby Carey » Sun Sep 04, 2005 3:33 pm

First~ :yay: :yay: :yay: :jive: :jive: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :cheer: :cheer:

You know it probably was a fluke...but just in case let me still tell you that I had spotting with this baby until I hit 11 weeks off and on. Because I got PG with this one my first cycle after the loss of our twins I was a basket case. EVERY little thing sent me running in tears to the hospital or doctor or here looking for someone to convince me everything was okay. You can look at my past posts and see my emotional fall outs or panic attacks whatever you want to call them. You asked if anyone had went through the worry after a loss here...oh fact most of us here. Checking the under clothes all day and assessing every little crampy feeling ect.....yep been there. Just take things one day at a time and pray....
You and your little one will be in my prayers.
:heart: Carey
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