U/S tech wrong- dating off by a week, h/b going strong

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U/S tech wrong- dating off by a week, h/b going strong

Postby katesmommy » Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:52 am

Last monday June 22nd. Went into docs office for cramping and pain which was sharp. They sent me to er (doc is in a hospital). They did HCG- 18,000, I should have been 6 weeks (our sperm must have survived till the last second because ovulation according to dating is coming out at 5 days AFTER he left for training for a 3 week period) So they said it was low, they scheduled a u/s. U/s tech said I miscarried, nothing in sac and a .49 mm growth in sac that was not a baby. She said sac measured 6 weeks 2 days. (I had been watching and most of the measurements were around 5 weeks, she took the largest one and called it a go) I went back to room, hubby came in, I told him, he just started crying (it would have been the fourth baby we had lost this year he is entitled right?) Doc came in and told me I miscarried, I opted for a d and c. After she left Brad and I decided to wait 2 weeks to do it and request a repeat u/s to make sure there wasnt another little one in there since they did not find the twin at all in marchs m/c and we did pass two separate placentas so they should have found them both. She came back in running and said my doctor called and they ran the results over there. Then he called and said I was just too early to see and sent me home. I came in for a repeat hcg on thursday - 42,250 and on sunday it was 58,000 something. Yesterday I went in for my u/s. Nurses at docs office were looking through the schedule for when to schedule the d and c, and no one really thought things were okay. When I got into the waiting room for u/s I overheard the tech making fun of me for wanting a repeat that I had m/c and couldnt accept it. It made me angry and I requested the other lady whom I had never met. She had already been told I m/c and while I was getting ready for u/s I answered the question on hcg she asked. She said, dead babies dont grow, hcg levels dont rise normally once a baby dies. Something is wrong here. So she did the u/s (vaginally) and commented if I had not mentioned the rising hcg numbers she would not have continued after measuring sac size-it measured 6 weeks on the dot with every measurement. A shrinking sac or one that stays the same means a m/c. Since the other lady got 6.2 the week before she would have seem a m/c were there was none. She had to really zoom in to see baby at all (3.49 mm) and then heart beat was there. She said she thought since it was so hard to measure him that he was likely actually a bit smaller because that size was for 6.3 or so days but that everything looked terrific. When she found the h/b and baby she was as shocked as me though. So, be really careful no matter what they say until they search that sac to make SURE if you have miscarried or not. I almost bled to death in march, hence they wanted the d and c done that day. My baby would never have gotten a chance to live, also yesterday she would have decided miscarriage and not looked for baby if I had not mentioned my levels were still rising well. So everyone be super careful.
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Postby april1979 » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:26 am

I am so glad that all looks well! Please continue to keep us posted! (((HUGS)))
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