Ten days after being told she'd miscarried, baby found!

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Ten days after being told she'd miscarried, baby found!

Postby Kay » Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:12 pm

Christina emailed me this story and gave me permission to share it with you

On Saturday 26th July in the small hours of the morning I started to bleed lightly, I called NHS Direct who advised me to go to A&E first thing in the morning if the bleeding hadn't stopped. I went to A&E, was checked over (including an internal) and told at this point the neck of my womb was closed so to go home and rest and I would be sent an appointment for an early scan.

The bleeding eased up over the next couple of days and I was contacted by the Early Pregnancy Unit to attend an appointment for the scan the following week. At this scan we were told the baby was fine and everything looked normal. We were of course very happy and left the hospital feeling more confident and hoped that that would be the end to the dramas.

Unfortunately, on the morning of 4 Aug, I started to bleed very heavily whilst at work and quickly got myself down to A&E once again, on this occasion I was initially seen by a nurse who took a blood sample and was very kind. She then called another lady to examine me, I explained to this lady what had happenend and she did an internal and asked me some questions. She said, from what I had told her, she was fairly sure 'everything had passed through' and I was then asked to stay in the ward for the next hour so she could monitor me, when I asked why she said this was important after a miscarriage. At no point was it suggested I would need to have a scan or that there was any posibility that our baby could still be alive.

Before leaving A&E I asked what I should do about my 12 week scan I had recently received an appointment for, I was told I would need to cancel this. We left A&E totally devastated.

For the next few days I was inconsolable and a complete mess to say the least, I didn't feel I could return to work and took the rest of the week off. The sadness I felt was totally indescribable, I honestly felt at this point as if there was just no way forward.

Towards the middle of the following week I started to notice that my pregnancy symptoms were just as strong, I took another pregnancy test and this came back positive. I was shocked, I contacted the EPU immediately, as did my mother and we were both told this was normal and that my hormones would be exprected to settle over the next couple of weeks. I explained to the lady I spoke to that I still 'felt pregnant' and and she said this was also to be expected.

I was offered a follow up appointment for 13th August at the EPU which I attended, I had an internal examination and again explained my feelings to the lady who saw me, she was sympathetic but again I was told this was normal after a miscarriage and when I suggested a scan to make sure she said she would 'go and ask the doctors if they thought it was necessary'. She came back and said I could make an appointment for a scan the following day. (I feel certain if I had not asked for the scan then I would NOT have received one..)

Thursday 14th I returned to the EPU for the scan. I was told by the lady that I would need an internal scan as after a miscarriage it was the best option to make sure none of the foetus was left inside me. I agreed and after a few minutes the lady turned the monitor towards me and told me I was still pregnant and proceeded the heartbeat and arms and legs etc.

I was absolutely shocked, she then suggested I have a normal scan too, at which point I asked if she could call my partner in from the waiting room..

When I asked how such a mistake could have been made, I was told by the lady that a miscarriage should never have been confirmed in A&E, not without a scan, and she seemed a little shocked but didn't say much..

We left the unit feeling dazed, I was crying out of confusion and to be honest quite terrified that such an awful mistake could have been made and seemingly just brushed off as if it was nothing!

I am now coming up to 26 weeks and haven't had any problems since, we have changed hospitals as we felt uncomfortable and disattisfied with the care that we had received.

Fingers crossed all will continue to go smoothly and our baby boy will be born healthy. xxx
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Postby Leslie_Lanneya_Austin » Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:59 am

wow...what an amazing story. i am so happy for you but hurt that you had to experience that from a hospital.

all the best!
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