Misdiagnosed miscarriage... pregnancy number 14

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Misdiagnosed miscarriage... pregnancy number 14

Postby 3pink1blue » Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:09 pm

Hi everyone, I found this site through a friend who is prayerfully awaiting a final answer to her own pregnancy and possible loss. My story is really, really long: this is the condensed version.

I am on pregnancy number 14. I have three living children, 9 miscarriages, one complete molar pregnancy, and this misdiagnosed bun in the oven.

I just had a baby 11 months ago. She is my third little girl and my second baby after multiple losses. My first pregnancy was uneventful, then I had several losses followed by another uneventful pregnancy. I went on to have more losses (including the CMP) before conceiving in November 2006.

My last pregnancy had bleeding (a large subchorionic hemmorrhage). I never gave up hope, and at each ultrasound the baby grew and the SCH shrank. She was born in July 2007 after a quick labor. She is my angel baby.

Fast forward... four months after her birth, I found myself pregnant again. I didn't really believe it because, well, that kind of thing just doesn't happen to me. No, we weren't using birth control... we've never really needed it, and have always felt that if a child is meant to be, he or she will be regardless of what we do to prevent it.

Still, I was very surprised to learn I was pregnant. I had not yet a cycle, since I was breastfeeding. But after all these pregnancies and losses, old habits die hard and I HAD been keeping track of when DH and I were intimate. So I was pretty certain on conception dates, and I thought it was in the first two weeks of December.

I took the hpt on January 8. I don't know why exactly... I didn't really have any pregnancy symptoms. I just had this urge to take a test. It was the darkest line I've ever had (and I should know, with all these pregnancies.)

I went in for an ultrasound the following week, at what I thought was 5 weeks and some days. The doctor said that my hcg levels were indicative of just 3 weeks along. I was devastated because if that were the case then i was having a miscarriage already, being that my hpt was positive when it was. Still, we did the ultrasound and sure enough, not a darn thing in there. Maybe a tiny black speck in the endometrial lining, but even that you had to squint to see.

The doctor said to wait two weeks and see what happened. So I did. Meanwhile I started bleeding, heavier than a period and with clots. I thought for sure the pregnancy was over. I figured I was no longer pregnant and focused on my baby, who was getting her first tooth and cranky as could be.

The next ultrasound date came; I nearly forgot to go. I did go, and there was a sac but nothing else. "Good for 5 weeks" the doctor said but I knew I was supposed to be 7 weeks. If I was two weeks behind then I had gotten that bfp at just a day or two past ovulation. I informed the doctor of this and he told me that he thought it was a miscarriage. He wanted to wait a week to see what happened, then make plans for a D&C.

I went in a week later. Still measuring at 5 weeks, an empty sac. I made the appointment for the D&C.

Something told me not to go and in the middle of the night the day before the D&C, I called the on-call doc and said I wouldn't be there in the morning. (It was scheduled for 6 am.)

I continued to bleed now and then and assumed I was miscarrying. I couldn't stand the thought of my baby being sucked or scraped from my body... I wanted it to be gentle, just as his or her conception and short life had been. Meanwhile I continued to have morning sickness.

At what should have been 12 weeks (or 10 by the doctors numbers) the doctor wanted repeate bloodwork and possibly ultrasounds to see if I had absorbed everything. I have had a molar pregnancy so I am at somewhat higher risk for another one... he wanted to be sure everything was proceeding as it should.

I didn't want to go because I knew I would face pregnant women and their happy bellies in the waiting room. But I sucked it up like I did so many other times and kept my focus on my little infant daughter. She made me feel so much happier and lifted my spirits about the whole thing.

I get in the ultrasound room after giving them a half quart of blood (or at least it seemed like it!) and the doctor started the vaginal ultrasound.

I nearly screamed. There on the screen was a perfectly formed baby. And it was HUGE! The doctor was surprised too but contained himself better than i did. he did some measurements and came up with about 14-16 weeks along.... which corresponded PERFECTLY with my original dates, and made the first ultrasounds completely and totally WRONG. There was also no visible cause for the bleeding I had experienced.

A month later I had another ultrasound and it showed that our child was perfect. Not only was he perfect but he was definitely a HE. He wasn't shy at all and we were extra shocked because we have three daughters... we weren't expecting to have another baby let alone a boy!

Now I am 29 weeks along, and the baby is enormous. He is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead of my dates. (A full month or more ahead of the doctor's!!)

Who knows when he will actually show up!
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Postby themorethemerrier » Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:59 pm

What an amazing story! I wish that all of our stories had such miraculous endings. I've lost 11 babies (including spontaneous triplets last week) and I have 5 wonderful children. I don't think anyone can truly understand what it is like to lose so many babies unless they've experienced it, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone, ever. God bless you and your present and future children!
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Postby CINC » Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:56 am

oh man... how AWESOME!!! congratulations!
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Postby charlenes1 » Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:09 pm

Chills ran down my spine and tears came to my eyes reading your story! What a blessing! May you continue to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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Re: Misdiagnosed miscarriage... pregnancy number 14

Postby nade716 » Mon May 11, 2015 5:18 pm

This is truly a blessing!
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