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Postby Ajmommy » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:01 pm

Dear all, i was register to post my misdiagnosed stories but idk why i cant post there.
So i post here instead.

I promised myself i'll post my story if miracle happen twice so here is it :

#1 pregnancy (back in 2012)
LMP : sept 23,2012
BFP : oct 30, 2012
Okay so i went for a usg at 5w and since it's still very small and doc ask me to come
Back again in 2w. So on Nov 12, 2012 i went to a obgyn who is very famous in my town,
Got the highest tech on ultrasound machine, i waited for 3hrs for my turn, yet the result
I got was :
Gestational sac 37mm which is the size of 8w while i was still 7w and he said he didnt see anything,
No baby seen, and this is not normal. He did gave me medication thou and told me it could be BO.
I was devastated that day was my 1st anniversary and imagine how i cry my whole
Night over it and next day i go to other obgyn (not so famous and still quite young) using an
Older usg machine he told me he did see something and pretty much not BO ask me
To come back in 2w and gave me an transvagin usg amd we
Found heartbeat and everything. Now that boy is sleeping beside me :)

#2 pregnancy
LMP : oct 1, 2014
BFP : nov 6, 2014
I went to the doc who at my #1 pregnancy confirm im
Having a healthy baby, yet he told me he did nt see the baby yet, gestational
Sac measured 36mm (all over again too big for 6w) and he seems pesimistic and told me if the pregnancy is not viable then there is no point for me
To keep it and he didnt gave me any medication! And same here o was devastated, all over again, i dont think miracle will happen twice but IT DID you know! 5days later and i went to another doc
And we saw the heartbeat, i am sooooo happy and everythinbg measured alright, 7w and everything
Is okay...

So, here is me, twice pregnant, twice suspected BO and same case BIG sac, and now i have my 16mo lil boy and another inside me.
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Re: MISDIAGNOSED TWICE sac over 30mm each time before baby seen

Postby Kay » Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:42 pm

We had too many people posting in the Misdiagnosed forum and it was getting hard to find the stories. I am so glad you've shared your stories and I'll move your post over there.

Congratulations to you and I do hope you keep us updated on your current pregnancy :)
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If you are being diagnosed with a blighted ovum after IVF, please take a look at this article I put together: Misdiagnosed Miscarriage After IVF
and why I just believe a blighted ovum should NOT be diagnosed before nine weeks at the earliest and the UK's new guidelines support this

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Postby lilC » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:11 pm

I wonder what could have happened why the baby was not seen with that big gestational sac? I had an u/s through those fetal photo shops (not a doctor) and all they saw was 30mm sac.

I still need to go back to my OB-GYN on my 11w3d scan, but he's convinced that it is a blighted ovum. I know it has been said that a sac over 25mm is considered blighted ovum but this story has given me hope.
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