8 week u/s showed no fetal pole.. anyone experience this?

8 week u/s showed no fetal pole.. anyone experience this?

Postby cynthia889 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:09 pm

Hello all,

My LMP date was 2/11/17 my cycles are 48 days long and I have a tilted uterus and PCOS.

I got a positive HPT on 3/25/17 and on 3/29/17 went to the dr. and my hcg levels were: 4,526m[iu]/mL

on 4/6/17 I went for my first ultrasound at what should have been 7 weeks - only gestational sac was found and I was sent for HCG testing again: 23,812m[iu]/mL

One week later on 4/13/17 I went for a follow up ultrasound where they found the gestational sac at 2cm and a yolk sac...

Now my dr wants me to have another ultrasound after 10 more days..

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I am hoping for some insight/advice as I am worried sick now. I have not had a miscarriage before. When the nurse called with my ultrasound results she said something about a dark/dart diagnosis. I asked what that meant and she said "we have to be careful because we do not know if this is a viable pregnancy yet.

I've been TTC for 4 years so this never occurred to me I thought I would be all good after I found out I was pregnant. I am supposedly due 11/18/17 but with my long cycles I think I'm closer to 12/8/17 but the Dr.
office has yet to update my due date..

Thanks for reading!
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